George B. Williams

1841                Old Taunton Hotel, Taunton, Massachusetts.

George B. Williams was recorded in two advertisement in the Taunton Whig (Taunton, Massachusetts).  The first advertisement ran from August 25 to September 22, 1841.  Miniatures Taken By Daguerreotype.  George B. Williams, would inform the inhabitants of Taunton and vicinity, that he will take Miniatures by the Daguerreotype process, in the latest and most approved style.  Having completed a regular course of instruction, in Boston, at great expense, he solicits the public patronage.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine the specimens; they are assured that as the miniatures are taken by rays of light, they must be perfect.  Every miniature warranted to give satisfaction.  Price $3.50.

Specimens may be seen at s. O. Dunbar’s store, and at the Daguerreotype room, in the old Taunton Hotel, second door of the Post Office.

The second advertisement ran from November 17 to December 1, 1841.  Splendid Improvement in the Art of taking Miniature Daguerreotype.  Particular Notice.

C. B. (Sic.) Williams, having become acquainted with very important improvements in taking Miniatures by the Daguerreotype process, has returned to Taunton with new Camera and apparatus; and informs the ladies and gentlemen of this and the adjoining towns, that he has now taken the room over Mr. Cooper’s (late Sweet & Cooper’s) store, where he will furnish Likenesses in a style warranted to be satisfactory to all.  The public may rest assured that perfect likenesses will be given, or no charge will be made.  A sitting of two or three minutes only is required to take a good Miniature.

Price $3,50 including a beautiful Morocco case.

The room has now occupied is much preferable to his old room, on account of the superior light.  Sitters will not be annoyed by persons passing by, it being upstairs.

N. B. Room open for visitors at all hours of the day.  Specimens may be seen at S. O. Dunbar’s and F. S. Monroe’s stores.  Also, at the Daguerreotype room.  Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call.

George B. Williams is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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