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J. C. Howe

Ca 1854-1860 Ashley’s Building, Up one flight, Westfield, Massachusetts.

J. C. Howe of the firm Clark & Howe was recorded in an undated Broadside in Greg Drake’s Collection. Ambrotypes, and Cloth Pictures! E. P. Clark (Artist permanently located in Holyoke) and J. C. Howe, would respectfully inform the citizens of Westfield and vicinity that they are located at Ashley’s Building, Up one flight of stairs—room opposite H. Fuller’s Law office in the same building— for a few days to exhibit a new style of Picture, and to wait upon those who may require their services.

Ambrotypes, Meleneotypes, Ambrographs &c., Also Pictures on Enameled Cloth, Taken for the low price of Twenty-Five Cents, having the beauty of the ambrotype and Daguerreotype combined, and may be inclosed in a letter and sent to any part of the world free of postage.  Do not lose this opportunity secure a Likeness at the very lowest price.  Some beautiful styles of Ambrotype Cases.  E. P. Clark, J. C. Howe.

J. C. Howe is not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900, or in other photographic directories.

House & Benedict

N. D.                Address Unknown, Elmira, New York.                                                                                      1857                Main Street, over Suydam’s Grocery Store, Penn-Yan, New York.

House & Benedict (Thomas J. B. House & Samuel N. Benedict were recorded in an announcement and advertisement in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York).  The announcement appeared on June 3, 1857.  Attention is invited to the advertisement of House & Benedict, which may be found in this paper.  They are recently from Elmira, where they had established a reputation as first rate artists.  They take all kinds of pictures—Daguerreotypes Ambrotypes, Melanotypes and Cameotypes in superior style.  They have taken the rooms recently occupied by Mrs. McAllaster.

The advertisement ran from June 3 to September 23, 1857.  House & Benedict’s Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, Melainotype and Cameotype Rooms.  House & Benedict (formerly of, Elmira) having purchased the Rooms previously occupied by Mrs. McAllaster, over Suydam’s Grocery Store on Main st., Penn Yan, beg leave to call the attention of the citizens of Penn Yan and vicinity, to the new and Superior Style of Pictures taken by them.  They are now prepared to take Pictures of nearly every kind, such as Daguerreotype, Melainotype, Ambrotype, Sphereotype, Cameotype, Transfer Pictures, etc., which are warranted not to fade.

The Melainotype, or Iron Picture, receives universal commendation by all who have examined their superior qualities. Lockets, Pins, Rings, &c., Filled with neatness and dispatch, either with Daguerreotype or Melainotype.  A large variety of Fancy Cases, Frames, &c., constantly on hand, and at Moderate Prices.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.—Sphereotype, Cameotype, Transfer Pictures taken only at this Gallery.  Instructions given in the Art, and Apparatus furnished if desired.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens, whether wishing a Picture or not.  Pictures copied with neatness.  Tho’s J. B. House.   Sam’l N. Benedict.  Penn Yan, May, 1857.

The Partnership of House and Benedict is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Thomas J. B. House is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Penn Yan, New York in 1859, Samuel N. Benedict is not recorded.

J. B. Hill

1852-1853       Thompson’s Brick Building, North East Corner of the Square, Fayetteville,                                     Tennessee.                                                                                                                                1853                   Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second                                     story, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                                          1854                   Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second                                     story, over Buchanan & Russell’s Store, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                    1855-1856        Odd Fellows’ Hall, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                1856-1857        Rooms South Side of Square, next door to Dr. McNelley’s Office, Up-Stairs,                                    Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                                                     1857                   Gallery Two Doors East of M’Elroy & M’Kinney’s Drug Store, Up-Stairs,                                              Fayetteville, Tennessee.

J. B. Hill was recorded in one announcement and six advertisements in the Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee). The first advertisement ran from November 18, 1852 to September 15, 1853 Daguerrean. The subscriber respectfully informs the public that he has taken a room in Thompson’s Brick Building, North East Corner of the Square, Fayetteville, where he will wait on Ladies and Gentlemen who may wish Likenesses taken by this Beautiful and Inimitable method.  To parents, children, husbands, wives and friends, it affords an opportunity of procuring at small expense, and almost without loss of time, a most Perfect Lifelike Portrait which can be obtained in no other way.—When we call to mind uncertainty of life, the ordinary though sometimes painful separation of families and friends, together with the ravages of time, it becomes a matter of much interest and importance to secure the features of “the loved ones at home,” before death, distance, or the lapse of time renders it impossible.

Having taken lessons of Mr. F. N. Hughes—the best Daguerrean Artist in the Western States—and furnished himself with a superior camera and implements, the subscriber flatters himself he will be able to give the most entire satisfaction.  The Ladies, who are always judges in matters of taste, are especially invited to call and examine his work and specimens.  A great variety of Cases, of different sizes and quality, will be kept constantly on hand.  Prices very moderate.  J. B. Hill.

The second advertisement ran from September 22 to October 13, 1853.  Miniatures.  From the solicitations of some who are wishing to have Miniatures taken, I have concluded to remain in Fayetteville for a few days.  My stay will be short—and all those wishing likenesses of themselves or friends, will do well to call immediately.  When we reflect on the havoc that disease is making among our friends, it becomes an object with us to secure at least the form of the loved one ere death has taken them from our gaze forever.

It would be unnecessary for me to say anything with regard to the style of my work, of this all are acquainted; suffice it to say, that no picture will be allowed to leave my room unless it be a perfect likeness.  Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second story.  J. B. Hill.

The announcement ran on August 17, 1854.  Daguerreotypes The subscriber has returned to Fayetteville, and has taken the rooms he has heretofore occupied, over Buchanan & Russell’s Store, and is prepared to put up Daguerreotypes of all sizes, styles, and prices.  As he is determined to remain but a short time those who wish Pictures will do well to call soon.  Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.   J. B. Hill.

The third advertisement ran from September 13, 1855 to May 15, 1856.  Daguerreotypes!!  J. B. Hill, Grateful for the patronage he has heretofore received from this community, again offers his services as an Artist to the ladies and Gentlemen of Fayetteville and vicinity.  Rooms at Odd Fellows’ Hall.

The Fourth advertisement ran from May 22, 1856 to February 12, 1857.  J. B. Hill, Daguerrean and Ambrotype Artist, Rooms south side of the Square, next door to Dr. McNelley’s office, up stairs, Fayetteville, Tenn.

The fifth advertisement ran from February 19 to September 17, 1857.  Ambrotypes.  I take this method of informing my old friends and the public generally, that I am now fitting up and will in a few days open in Fayetteville a large Sky-Light Gallery, which will enable me to furnish better Pictures than have ever before been taken in the place.  Those wanting Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, or Photographs, are respectfully invited to visit my Gallery and examine specimens and prices before buying elsewhere, as I am determined to work on terms as favorable as any Artist in Tennessee.  Children taken in one second.  Great care and attention given to copying Daguerreotypes or other pictures.  All work warranted to give satisfaction.

The Ladies are politely invited to call.  Gallery two doors east of M’Elroy & M’Kinney’s Drug Store—up stairs.  J. B. Hill.

The sixth advertisement ran from September 17 to October 22, 1857.  Sky-Light Gallery.  The subscriber begs leave to say to his many friends and the public generally, that he has so far recovered his health as to enable him to re-open his Gallery, North side of the Square, for the reception of those wishing pictures.

Daguerreotypes, Melainotypes, or Ambrotypes, plain or raised, and every style of Picture taken in the highest style of the art, and warranted to give satisfaction.  Prices very moderate.  A call is solicited.  J. B. Hill.

J. B. Hill is not recorded in other photographic directories.

P. W. Hays

1859                Location Unknown, Kersey, Elk County, Pennsylvania.

P. W. Hays was recorded in an advertisement that ran on June 15, 1859 in the Clearfield Republican (Clearfield, Pennsylvania). P. W. Hays, Daguerrean, Melainotypist, Ambrotypist, and Justice Of The Peace,—Kersey, Elk County, Pa.

P. W. Hays is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Mr. Hasler

1857                Car South of Edwards’ Hotel, Marshall, Indiana.

Mr. Hasler was recorded in an announcement on April 23, 1857 in the Marshall County Democrat (Plymouth, Indiana).  For the benefit of our readers in Marshall, we would say that Mr. Hasler, Ambrotype and Melainotype Artist, has located here for a short time; and having seen a number of his pictures, we have no hesitancy in recommending him to the public as one of the best artist that has ever been in our place.  Those wishing a good likeness of themselves or friends cannot do better than to call at his Car, South of Edwards’ Hotel, where he will be pleased to wait on all who may favor him with a call.

Mr. Hasler is not recorded in other photographic directories.

J. Harris

1859                Room over Wheelock’s Boot and Shoe Manufactory, Union Block, Main street,                            Hillsboro, Ohio.

J. Harris was recorded in an advertisement that ran from January 20 to March 24, 1859 in The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Ohio). Ho, for Pike’s Peak!  The subscriber respectfully informs the public of Hillsboro and vicinity that he has opened a New Daguerrean Gallery in the room over Wheelock’s Boot and Shoe Manufactory, Union Block, Main street, a few doors east of the Ellicott House where he is now taking superior Ambrotypes and Melainotypes, In the best style, and at prices as low as any other establishment.  Those wanting Pictures are invited to [come and examine his work.  J. Harris.

J. Harris is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Godkin & Co.

Godkin & Co. was recorded on June 2, 1859 in The New York Reformer (Watertown, New York) as visiting the following locations.  Ambrotypes & Photographs.  The undersigned will visit the following named places at the time stated below, fully prepared to take Ambrotypes, Melaineotypes, Photographs, &c., in the best style of modern art:

Rutland Centre—Tuttle’s Hotel; Lockport—Black River Hotel, from Monday, June 6, to Saturday Noon, June 11.                                                                                                                      Leraysville—A. P. Mosher’s Hotel; Great Bend—Stone Hotel, from Monday June 18, to Saturday noon, June 18.                                                                                                                            Philadelphia—R. Washburn’s Hotel; Sterlingville—Sterlingville Hotel, from June 20, to Saturday noon, June 25.                                                                                                                                        Felts Mills—Hotel; Champion Huddle—Z. Marion’s residence, from Monday, June 27, to Saturday noon, July 2.                                                                                                                                 Carthage—Cook’s Hotel; Copenhagen—R. P. Dole’s Hotel, From Monday, July 4, to Saturday noon, July 9.                                                                                                                                                         Champion Village—Gould’s Hotel; South Champion—E. Brown’s residence, from Monday, July 11, to Saturday noon, July 16.                                                                                                               Deer River—at the sign of the Red Flag; Denmark—Hotel, from Monday, July 19, to Saturday noon, July 23.                                                                                                                                            Checkered House 4 Corners—Lewisburg Hotel, from Monday, July 25, to Saturday noon, July 30.                                                                                                                                                              Natural Bridge—Covey’s Hotel, from Monday, Aug. 1 to Saturday noon, August 6.                    Godkin & Co.

Godkin is not recorded in other photographic directories.

J. Geiger

1857-1858       Main Street, over the Post Office, Geneseo, New York.

J. Geiger was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements in the partnership of Ranger & Geiger.  The announcement appeared on March 19, 1857 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  The improvements made I the last few years in the Daguerrean art, have more than kept pace with the progressive age and has now in this country attained a perfection and excellence that would seem to lead to the conclusion that the art had now reached its acme of beauty and perfection.  It is but a few years since the principle was given us by the French, but the art to-day bears little comparison to what was brought to us from across the water.  Yankee ingenuity, skill and experience has perfected the art.  On a recent visit to the rooms of Mr. J. Geiger, over the Post Office, we could but note the change effected and the improvements made, and in the hands of a skilful artists like Mr. G. persons can obtain “sun delineations” as perfect and natural as the originals.  Mr. G. has facilities that enables him at all times to produce pictures that need only be seen to be appreciated.  His stock is large, and persons should not loose the opportunity of procuring pictures when such an opportunity presents itself.

The first advertisement ran from March 19 to September 3, 1857 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  Daguerrean & Ambrotype Gallery Geiger is again on hand, just returned from the city, and prepared to offer to his numerous patrons an opportunity to select from the largest and best assortment of Daguerreotype Goods, including every variety of the latest styles of Plain And Fancy Cases, Single & Family Frames, &c. ever brought into this County, and which he will sell at greatly Reduced Prices. from Fifty Cents upwards.  A good picture enclosed in a neat case for Fifty Cents, And warranted to be equal to any taken elsewhere in Western New York, affording all an opportunity of getting correct Likenesses of themselves, their families and relations at much lower prices than formerly.  The wisest statesmen have said “in time of peace prepare for war.”  True affection says, “in health procure a memento that shall last when this frail form shall have passed away.”

Reader, while you mind is upon the subject, come with your family, and secure those family keepsakes which are so highly prized.  Don’t delay until the family circle is broken by the Spoiler.

Have you a friend or companion who would highly prize your Ambrotype?  Call at Geiger’s Rooms where he may be found during all business hours, prepared to do all work pertaining to that art.  He has a superior apparatus, and assures the public that his pictures shall be of the first quality, and from 25 to 50vper cent cheaper than can be obtained elsewhere.

Miniatures taken in clear or cloudy weather, and inserted in Lockets, Pins, Rings and Bracelets, &c.  Views of Residences taken.  Also miniatures taken of the sick or dead, if desired, on reasonable terms.  Copying of every description done on short notice.  Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.

Thankful for former very liberal patronage, a continuance of the same is respectfully solicited.  Don’t forget the place.  It is over the Post Office, Main-st., Genesco.  J. Geiger, March 2d, 57.

The second advertisement ran from October 29, 1857 to March 18, 1858 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  Pictures!  Pictures!  Take Notice, And Profit Thereby.  Great Photographic Gallery In Geneseo.  Two Large Rooms Combined.  Geneseo not only takes the head of being one of the finest towns in Western New York, But in the Fine Arts Ranger & Geiger’s Photographic Gallery produces the finest, boldest most natural and life-like likenesses.  Their Ambrotypes, Meininotypes, Cameotypes, Sphereotypes, and pictures taken on patent leather are superior to any taken elsewhere.  Our pictures are not only the best, but they are the cheapest.  Here you can get a good picture in a neat case For Fifty Cents And upwards.  We have now on hand the largest and best variety of Stock, both Plain and Fancy Cases, of every style and quality.  Miniatures taken in a clear and cloudy weather, and inserted in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets, Frames, &c., &c.  Pictures taken any size from that of a pea to the very largest size, and warranted.  Views of Residences take; also Miniatures of the sick or dead, at their residence if desired.  Copying of every description done in the best possible manner, and on short notice.

Instructions given in the Art, and Apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.  Strangers and citizens are requested to call and examine specimens.  Don’t forget the place, West side of Main St., Geneseo.  Rooms open from seven, A. M., until six P. M.  W. Ranger. J. Geiger.

J. Geiger is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a William E. Ranger in Warsaw, N. Y. as a daguerrean in 1859.  It is possible that they are the same person Geneseo is about 21 miles from Warsaw.

W. E. Geer

1856                Car near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store, Kinderhook, New York.                                          1857                Rooms over Becker’s Store in Valatie, New York.                                                        1857-1858     Car near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store, Kinderhook, New York.

W. E. Geer was recorded in five advertisements. The first advertisement appeared on May 29, 1856 in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York). The fact has become absolutely notorious that the best Pictures, at the most reasonable prices of any room in town, are to be procured only at Geer’s Saloon, near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store.  The beautiful Ambrotype, now the most desirable and popular pictures made, are still to be obtained at the Kinderhook Daguerrean Car.  Pictures made at a sitting of three to ten seconds; best hours from 8 o’clock, A. M. to 3 P. M. Daguerreotypes still taken for those who prefer.  Call and see.

The second advertisement ran from June 5 to 26, 1856.  In the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Ambrotypes!  The great demand for this new quality of portrait is without a parallel in the history of Photography in this country.  In most respects it is a new art.  While possessing every excellence of the Daguerreotype, it avoids its objectionable features.  Persons desiring portraits of Great Durability, should obtain the Ambrotype.  They are not influenced by any atmospheric action.  Family Groups are taken by this process instantaneously and perfectly.  It is especially adapted to the production of Portraits of Children, so often unattainable by the Daguerreotype or Photograph.  Pictures taken at a sitting of from two to five seconds—stormy weather no hindrance.  Ambrotypes copied from old Daguerreotypes.—Daguerreotypes still made for those who desire them.  cases of all sizes and qualities, in either of which we are ready to insert good pictures of our patrons and friends, at the Daguerrean Saloon, near G. W. Hoxsie’s Store. W. E. Geer, Artist.

The third advertisement ran from September 10 to November 12, 1857 In the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Ambrotypes.  Call at the Car and get one of those nice 50 cent Ambrotypes—only 50 cents for case and type.  Large size.

The fourth advertisement appeared on October 22, 1857 in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Pictures for the Million!!  The Ladies and Gentlemen of Valatie, Kinderhook and vicinity, are informed the subscriber has leased and refitted the Ambrotyping rooms lately occupied by J. T. Nichols, over Becker’s Store in Valatie.

These rooms are large, and especially fitted for Picture making in all branches.  Our facilities are such now that we can make Ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, Melainotypes or Photographs on paper.  Cases of all qualities and sizes at prices from 25 cents to 15 dollars.  Patronage solicited, and all work warranted to be as good as can be had elsewhere.  W. E. Geer, Valatie, Oct. 22, 1857.

The fifth advertisement ran from December 31, 1857 to January 7, 1858 in the Kinderhook Herald (Kinderhook, New York).  Ambrotypes—Large Size, Only 50 Cents.  at the Daguerrean Car near G. W. Hoxsie’s store.  A good selection of Cases, of every style and size, constantly on hand, at prices from 25 cents to 5 dollars.

Cases for New Years Presents.  Call and see them.  Our Ambrotypes, Melainotypes or Daguerreotypes will suit all, while our prices are as low as in New York city.  Those wishing Frames for Family groups, of any size or device, can have them at short notice, and 25 per cent cheaper than elsewhere.  Special attention given to copying.   W. E. Geer.

Willard Ellis Geer is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, possibly active as an itinerant in Nassau, New York in 1854.   There is a very high probability that they are the same person based on the fact that they are using a car/wagon and that the three towns are close to each other.

G. E. Farrington

1859                Rooms at Marshall House, Abbeville, South Carolina.

G. E. Farrington was recorded in an announcement on May 12, 1859 in The Abbeville Banner (Abbeville, South Carolina). Ambrotypes. We are pleased to notice that G. E. Farrington has opened an Ambrotype Gallery in the second story of the Wooden Wing of the Marshall House.  We learn, too, that he is stationed here permanently.  He will be pleased to see his friends and customers from any part of the District.  He is prepared to take Ambrotypes, Spherotypes, Melainotypes and Relievotypes of any size or style.  He is also prepared to insert the best specimens of the art in Broaches, Medallions and Rings.  Mr. Farrington is a permanent resident of the place, and may at all times be found at his rooms to accommodate all who may favor him with a call.

He has some beautiful specimens of his skill which may be seen at his room. To our friends from the country who may desire anything in his line, we can recommend him as an artist in every way worthy of support.

G. E. Farrington is not recorded in other photographic directories.