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G. Wilson

1842                Three doors north of the Cheshire House, Keene, New Hampshire.

1845                3 Lamson’s Building, Keene, New Hampshire.

G. Wilson was recorded in two advertisements.  The first appeared on September 14, 1842 in the  Cheshire Republican and Farmer’s Museum (Keene, New Hampshire).  Photographic Miniatures.  Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully informed that rooms are again open, three doors north of the Cheshire House, for taking Daguerreotype Miniatures.

G. Wilson having returned from Boston, and vicinity, where he has devoted his attention to the acquisition of the recent improvements in the above art, flatters himself that he can produce Miniatures that will not fail to please.

N. Wilson, grateful for past favors, would inform the public that the Watch and Jewelry business is carried on in connection with the above business.  Also, that the Finest as well as common Watches will be cleaned and repaired in superior style, as usual.

Miniatures taken from Portraits with perfect fidelity.

The second advertisement appeared in October 23, 1845 in the Cheshire Republican and Farmer (Keene, New Hampshire).  Cheshire Photographic Institute, G. Wilson, Having returned from Boston, where he has availed himself of the latest improvements, will take Superior Pictures at reduced prices.  His long experience he trusts, will secure him public confidence.

Rooms, No. 3, Lamson’s Building.

G. Wilson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  There were only three newspapers available between 1842-1845 (he was not listed in the May 8, 1845 issue), and only one issue on July 16, 1856 which he was not recorded in.  According to the first advertisement it appears that he was active in Keene before September 14, 1842.