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Jesse & Gardner W. Stone

1847                2 Gerould’s Building, Keene, New Hampshire.

1851                34 Tremont Row, Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

Jesse & Gardner W. Stone were recorded in one Announcement and two advertisement in the New Hampshire Sentinel (Keene, New Hampshire), and one advertisement in the 1851 Boston City Directory. The announcement appeared on April 29, 1847. Daguerreotypes.–those who desire to have their likenesses transferred with “frightful accuracy” to a polished metallic plate, have ample room to choose. There are at least three good Daguerreotypist ow in town who have contracted with their principal agent, the Sun, for the right kind of light ad just enough of it. Messrs. Stone in Gerould’s block–Parker in Elliot’s buildings and Wilsons, a few doors north of the Cheshire House, are all ready to wait upon their customers, and will give them as good pictures as they will be able to get in the cities.

Those who wish a portrait by a very superior artist, should call upon Mr. Mason, portrait painter, at his rooms at the Cheshire House, where he will be happy to show some fine specimens of the art.

The first advertisement ran from April 29 to May 13, 1847.  J. & G. W. Stone’s Daguerrian Gallery, No. 2 Gerould’s Block.  Persons desirous of obtaining Likenesses of themselves, or friends, or copies from Paintings, Portraits, and Miniatures, are respectfully invited to call, and examine a great variety of specimens.

Are arrangements are such, that we can take Miniatures of Children of almost any age, and decreased persons, either at our Rooms, or at private residences.

In boldness of character, beauty of expression, and delicacy of light and shade, we shall aim at the highest perfection possible.

Miniatures taken in any weather, and set in Frames, Cases, Lockets, Pins, Bracelets, and Rings, and warranted satisfactory Likenesses, or no charge.

American and German Instruments, and Daguerreotype Materials of all kinds for sale; and instruction given in the art.

The second advertisement ran from November 18 to December 2, 1847.  Dissolution.  This day dissolved, by mutual consent, the Copartnership known as the firm of J. & G. W. Stone, Daguerrean Artists.  All accounts settled by G. W. Stone.  Jesse Stone, Gardner W. Stone. Nov. 9, 1847.

A Card to the Public.  G. W. Stone would tender his thanks to his friends and the public for past favors and would inform them that he continues to take Plain and Colored Daguerreotype Miniatures, in the neatest and most approved styles, and set in Pins, Bracelets, Lockets, Cases and Frames, at No. 2 Gerould’s Building.

Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.

1851 Boston City Directory (Boston, Massachusetts).  Stone’s Daguerrian Rooms, No. 34 Tremont Row.  The facilities for executing likenesses,—single and in groups,—at the above rooms, are unsurpassed in the city.  Please call and examine specimens previous to sitting elsewhere.  J. Stone.  G. W. Stone.

Jesse and Gardner W. Stone are both known for working in Boston, Massachusetts.  Gardner W. Stone has previously appeared in the blog on March 28, 2021.  As I work through the New Hampshire newspapers I anticipate I will find them in other locations.

[1] 1851 Boston City Directory residence listing and advertisement.