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George P. Taylor

Ca. 1855-1856          10 Federal Street, Salem, Massachusetts.

1857                            Address Unknown, Haverhill, Massachusetts.[1]

1861                            Address Unknown, Salem, Massachusetts.[2]

ND                              Address Unknown, Alexandria, Virginia.

1866-1899                  188 Essex Street, Salem, Massachusetts.[2]

George P. Taylor was recorded from an entry in 200 Years Of Masonry In Essex Lodge 1779-1979 By Worshipful Harold Pierce Hadley.

George P. Taylor—born June 9, 1836, at 51 Broad Street, Salem.  Educated in Salem schools and at the age of 17 shipped on the White Swallow, to the Pacific.  Upon his return he was employed at D. W. Bowdoin’s.  From 1857-1859 had a traveling studio and practiced through Massachusetts.  During the Civil War he had a studio in Alexandria, Va.  Ca. 1867 with Charles F. Preston bought out the studio of William Snell the firm was Taylor and Preston he retired in 1906 and died on October 17, 1911.

George P. Taylor is recorded in other photographic directories, but is recorded here because of the additional information.

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[2] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.