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P. S. Brown

1851                Address Unknown, Montpelier, Vermont.

P. S. Brown was recorded in the Green-Mountain Freeman (Montpelier, Vermont) on September 25, 1851.  Premiums Awarded By The Washington County Agricultural Society, At Its Sixth Annual Fair, September 18th, 1851…Discretionary Report…Best Daguerreotypes, P. S. Brown, Mont. [Montpelier]   1.00.

P. S. Brown is not recorded in other photographic directories.

George Allen, Jr.

Published in the Green-Mountain Freeman, Montpelier, Vermont on May 17, 1855, George Allen, Jr. advertises from May 17 to September 27, 1855.

New Daguerreotype Rooms. Having fitted up rooms in Keith’s Building, opposite the Brick Church, Main Street, Montpelier, I am prepared to furnish with Correct Likenesses all who may favor me with a call.  A good assortment of Cases constantly on hand.

N. B.—I  will make a likeness of one person for seventy-five cents, and twenty five cents for each additional one of a group. Montpelier, May 1, 1855.

George Allen, Jr. does not appear in any other sources I have checked or have access to.