Harned & Tileston

1846                Address Unknown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.                                                                1846                Union House, Montpelier, Vermont.

Harned & Tileston (J. L. & J. S.) were recorded in an advertisement that ran from October 15 to 29, 1846 in the Green-Mountain Freeman (Montpelier, Vermont).  Daguerreotypes.  Now Is Your Time.  Messrs. Harned & Tileston (Recently from Van Loan & Magill’s celebrated establishment, Philadelphia,) respectfully announce that they will remain at the Union House during the session of the legislature and will furnish likenesses (either separately or in groups,) in a style, which in point of richness of tone, and beauty of finish stand unrivalled and cannot fail of giving satisfaction.

They would particularly solicit the attention of members of the Legislature and strangers visiting Montpelier, as they are fully prepared to give all an opportunity of securing a perfect Daguerreotype likeness on the most favorable terms.  Just call and examine specimens, and see if we don’t perform all we advertise.  J. L. Harned.  J. S. Tileston.  Montpelier, Oct. 13th, 1846.

Harned & Tileston; J. L. Harned; & J. S. Tileston are not recorded in other photographic directories.

New research (3-31-2020) suggest that the partnership is Van Loan & Mayall.

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