Harner & Lucas

1858                Main Street, Opposite the Court House, Hillsboro, Ohio.                                          1858                Opposite the Citizen Office, Hillsboro, Ohio.

Harner & Lucas Were recorded in four announcements and two advertisements in The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Ohio).  The first announcement ran on September 23, 1858.  Call and see the Pictures taken by Messrs. Lucas & Harner, at their Daguerrean Car.  We have seen specimens of their work which were very superior.

The first advertisement ran from September 23 to October 21, 1858.  Pictures!  Pictures!  If You Want Fine Pictures, Go To The Mammoth Portable Daguerrean Car!  Main Street, opposite the Court House.  Harner & Lucas.

The second announcement appeared on October 14, 1858.  List of Premiums, Awarded at the Ninth Annual Fair of the Highland Co. Agricultural Society, Sept. 29 and 30, and Oct. 1, 1858….Class U—No. 20….best specimens daguerreotype, Harner & Lucas, 2; best do [specimens] ambrotypes, Harner and Lucas, 2; 2d do [best specimen ambrotype,] J. H. Caskie, 1.

The third announcement appeared on December 9, 1858.  A Mistake!  Persons are often liable to be mistaken or deceived.  It is Harner & Lucas that are making the best pictures, of every description in Hillsboro, at the Mammoth Portable Skylight Daguerrean Car, opposite the Citizen Office.  Recollect, they defy all Competition.  Call and see for yourselves.      Harner & Lucas.

The fourth announcement appeared on December 9, 1858.  Daguerrean Car.—Messrs. Harner & Lucas are still in town with their Daguerrean Car, and are doing a fine business in taking Pictures.  They took the two first premiums at our late County Fair, which is a sufficient recommendation of the quality of their work.

The second advertisement ran from December 23 to 30, 1858.  Fine Pictures For Christmas & New Year’s Presents!  What could be more appropriate for a Christmas or New Year’s Present than a fine Daguerreotype?

Harner & Lucas, at the Mammoth Skylight Car, are still taking the best Pictures ever made in Hillsboro, and have not yet found it necessary to advertise either an Elephant, a Giraffe, or a Balloon Ascension, in order to attract customers.  Their Pictures speak for themselves, and in the opinion of all good judges defy competition.

Give us a call at the Mammoth Car on Main street, a few doors east of High street, and we warrant satisfaction or no charge for our work.

Harner & Lucas does not appear in other photographic directories.

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