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J. Harris

1859                Room over Wheelock’s Boot and Shoe Manufactory, Union Block, Main street,                            Hillsboro, Ohio.

J. Harris was recorded in an advertisement that ran from January 20 to March 24, 1859 in The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Ohio). Ho, for Pike’s Peak!  The subscriber respectfully informs the public of Hillsboro and vicinity that he has opened a New Daguerrean Gallery in the room over Wheelock’s Boot and Shoe Manufactory, Union Block, Main street, a few doors east of the Ellicott House where he is now taking superior Ambrotypes and Melainotypes, In the best style, and at prices as low as any other establishment.  Those wanting Pictures are invited to [come and examine his work.  J. Harris.

J. Harris is not recorded in other photographic directories.

Harner & Lucas

1858                Main Street, Opposite the Court House, Hillsboro, Ohio.                                          1858                Opposite the Citizen Office, Hillsboro, Ohio.

Harner & Lucas Were recorded in four announcements and two advertisements in The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Ohio).  The first announcement ran on September 23, 1858.  Call and see the Pictures taken by Messrs. Lucas & Harner, at their Daguerrean Car.  We have seen specimens of their work which were very superior.

The first advertisement ran from September 23 to October 21, 1858.  Pictures!  Pictures!  If You Want Fine Pictures, Go To The Mammoth Portable Daguerrean Car!  Main Street, opposite the Court House.  Harner & Lucas.

The second announcement appeared on October 14, 1858.  List of Premiums, Awarded at the Ninth Annual Fair of the Highland Co. Agricultural Society, Sept. 29 and 30, and Oct. 1, 1858….Class U—No. 20….best specimens daguerreotype, Harner & Lucas, 2; best do [specimens] ambrotypes, Harner and Lucas, 2; 2d do [best specimen ambrotype,] J. H. Caskie, 1.

The third announcement appeared on December 9, 1858.  A Mistake!  Persons are often liable to be mistaken or deceived.  It is Harner & Lucas that are making the best pictures, of every description in Hillsboro, at the Mammoth Portable Skylight Daguerrean Car, opposite the Citizen Office.  Recollect, they defy all Competition.  Call and see for yourselves.      Harner & Lucas.

The fourth announcement appeared on December 9, 1858.  Daguerrean Car.—Messrs. Harner & Lucas are still in town with their Daguerrean Car, and are doing a fine business in taking Pictures.  They took the two first premiums at our late County Fair, which is a sufficient recommendation of the quality of their work.

The second advertisement ran from December 23 to 30, 1858.  Fine Pictures For Christmas & New Year’s Presents!  What could be more appropriate for a Christmas or New Year’s Present than a fine Daguerreotype?

Harner & Lucas, at the Mammoth Skylight Car, are still taking the best Pictures ever made in Hillsboro, and have not yet found it necessary to advertise either an Elephant, a Giraffe, or a Balloon Ascension, in order to attract customers.  Their Pictures speak for themselves, and in the opinion of all good judges defy competition.

Give us a call at the Mammoth Car on Main street, a few doors east of High street, and we warrant satisfaction or no charge for our work.

Harner & Lucas does not appear in other photographic directories.

Joseph H. Caskie

1856-1857       High Street, 1 Door South of Main Street, Hillsboro, Ohio.                                          1858                   Main Street, Hillsboro, Ohio.                                                                                          1858-1859       Address Unknown, Hillsboro, Ohio.

Joseph H. Caskie is recorded in two advertisements, an announcement about an explosion in the building where he was opening his new studio and two announcements awarding premium at the Highland County Agricultural Society Fair, and one at the Greenfield Fair.

The first advertisement that ran from April 2 to October 15, 1857 in The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Ohio.)  Daguerreotypes at Cincinnati Prices.  The subscriber tenders his sincere thanks to the citizens of Hillsboro and vicinity, for the liberal patronage he has received for the last nine months, and respectfully solicits a continuance of the same.  I have settled permanently in this place, and can be found at my rooms on High st., one door South of Main, ready at all times to draw Perfect Likenesses, true to nature and of all sizes, from the half-size plate to the smallest miniature.  Pictures taken without regard to weather, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 6 P. M.  Persons sitting for Pictures and taking them from the Room, and afterwards becoming dissatisfied with them, can in all cases get them drawn over free of charge, until satisfactory in every respect.  I therefore guarantee to please the most fastidious, in both price and quality of Pictures.

From my long experience in the Art, and in one of the best rooms in the world, I am confident that I can defy all competition.  The public are invited to call and examine my specimens before going elsewhere.  A silver mirror is my drawing board and the sun-beam my pencil-pointed with golden light.  High st, 1 door South of Barrer’s Corner.  J. H. Caskie.

On October 22, 1857 in The Highland Weekly News appears the first List of Premiums Awarded at the Annual Fair of the Highland County Agricultural Society, October 1857….Class S—No. 17.  Flowers & Pictures….Best daguerreotypes J. H. Caskie    $2.00.

On March 4, 1858 an article about the explosion appears in The Highland Weekly News.  Terrible Explosion!  $3000 to $4000 worth of Property Destroyed.  About 1 o’clock on Tuesday morning last, many of our citizens were startled from their slumber by a loud explosion….it was soon discovered the east wing of the new two-story brick Block, on the South side of Main street, east of High, was a mass of ruins, and that the interior was on fire.  The building was occupied as a grocery store by Miller & Nevin, and was owned by Jacob Miller.  It appears that there were two kegs of gunpowder in the store, containing nearly 50 pounds, to which by some means fire had been communicated, whether by accident or design is not known, causing a fearful explosion, and the complete destruction of the building and most of its contents.  The upper story of the building adjoining Miller & Nevin, owned by M. W. Lane, was also completely riddled, half of the partition wall blown down, the roof lifted off, and the back wall considerably injured.  This story had just been fitted up as a Daguerrean Gallery by Mr. Caskie, whose loss is between $200 and $300….

The second recording of Awards appeared on October 14, 1858.  List of Premiums, Awarded at the Ninth Annual Fair of the Highland Co. Agricultural Society, Sept. 29 and 30, and Oct. 1, 1858….Class U—No. 20….best specimen daguerreotype, Harner & Lucas, 2; best do [specimens] ambrotypes, Harner and Lucas, 2; 2d do [best specimen ambrotype,] J. H. Caskie, 1.

The second advertisement appears on March 10 and ran until October 27, 1859.   The Picture Business.  I have listened this winter with all the patience a man could have, to see how far men would go in praising themselves.  They urge people to come on, as if they took Pictures in the natural colors, and no one could imitate them.  If any one can produce any Pictures superior to any that I can make, then I will think everybody ought to rush and get one of the “Superior Pictures” before they leave.

I have been blown up by powder, but being born in the State of Virginia, where they learn anything to learn it perfect, people know that men from that State are hard to defeat, as Washington, with an untrained set of men, defeated the British.  Joseph H. Caskie.

The third announce of premiums awarded to Caskie appeared on November 3, 1859 in The Highland Weekly News.  The Greenfield Fair.  The whole number of entries at the Greenfield Fair was 936.  Total receipts about $2800….The following premiums were awarded to citizens of Hillsboro and vicinity:…Best Daguerreotypes, J. H. Caskie, $1….

 Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list him active in 1860 in Hillsboro.  Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 has him active between 1860 and 1865 in Hillsboro.


H. M. Bowman

1858                Main Street, Opposite the Ellicott House, Hillsboro, Ohio.

H. M. Bowman was recorded in a notice and advertisement in The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Ohio.) on December 9, 1858.  We call the attention to the Card of Mr. Bowman, Daguerreotypist, who has recently opened here in the room formerly occupied by his brother.  We have seen some first-rate specimens of Mr. Bowman’s skill as an artist, and have no doubt he will render satisfaction to all who patronize him.

The advertisement.  Look This Way!  All who desire Superior Pictures will do well to go to Bowman’s Gallery, Opposite the Ellicott House, Main Street, Hillsboro, O., Mr. Bowman is an Operator of great skill and experience, and positively does take the Very Best of all the different kinds of Pictures, From Ten To  Thirty Per Cent, Lower than can be had elsewhere in Hillsboro.  Call and see.  H. M. Bowman.

H. M. Bowman is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1860-1861 on the East side of the Public Square, Greensburg, Indiana.  It is unknown if they are the same person.

Alfred Bowman

Alfred Bowman was recorded in three advertisement in The Highland Weekly News (Hillsboro, Ohio.)  The first advertisement ran from December 10 to 31, 1857.  Splendid Christmas Gifts!  At Prof. Bowman’s New Sky-Light Gallery, third building below the Court House, Main street, Hillsboro, are to be had Magnificent Likenesses, At such low prices that all can afford to present them to their friends.  These Pictures being made by correct skylight, are warranted perfectly correct, and no humbug.  Also, the Grecian Oil Paintings, and Flowers painted in the most brilliant colors ever compounded.  They are beautiful, indeed.

The second advertisement ran from January 7 to July 22, 1858.  Pictures in Cases for 25 Cents.  A. Bowman’s New Skylight Gallery, opposite the Ellicott House, Main st., Hillsboro, O.  He is the first and only artist who has ever sold Pictures at this extremely low price in this place, and solicits a large patronage, otherwise prices must raise.  Let Hillsboro be illustrious for cheap and good Pictures.  His is the only skylight Gallery in the Place.

The third advertisement ran from July 29 to August 12, 1858.  Closing!  Respectfully to the citizens of Hillsboro and vicinity, I tender my sincere thanks for their unbounded patronage, and notify them that I will positively sell fine cases at a large reduction on my regular prices, in order to close out a large lot on hand by the middle of August, after which time my room will be closed.  For reference come and see new specimens.        Alfred Bowman.

Alfred Bowman is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Ohio.  John Craig does list an Alfred Bowman in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1860-1861.  It is unknown at that time if they are the same person.