Hape & Kuhn

1856                Rooms at the Odd Fellows’ Hall, Charles Town, Virginia.                                                1856-1857     Over 207½ West Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland.[1]

Hape & Kuhn (Samuel & Frank) were recorded in an advertisement that ran from September 6 to 20, 1856 in the Spirit of Jefferson (Charles Town, Virginia).  Ambrotypes! Or Imperishable Pictures On Glass.  Hape & Kuhn, Ambrotypist Artist of Baltimore, would respectfully announce to the citizens of Charlestown, that they have taken rooms at the Odd Fellows’ Hall, where they are prepared to furnish in the highest style of the art, the now popular and incomparable Ambrotype.

These pictures are made on plate glass and protected by a coating of varnish on both sides, rendering them impervious to the action of water or acids of any kind.  They do not reverse the subject, but represent everything in its true position; and being without the glare of the Daguerreotype, may be seen in any light.  The Ambrotype possesses many beauties not discernable in the Daguerreotype.  Call and examine specimens and see for yourselves.

Hape & Kuhn are recorded in both Directory of Maryland Photographers 1839-1900 and Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Baltimore, but not in Virginia.

[1] Directory Of Maryland Photographers 1839-1900 by Ross J. Kelbaugh.

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