Thomas Hankins

1853                Address Unknown, Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Thomas Hankins was recorded in an advertisement on April 16, 1853 in The Weekly Independent (Aberdeen, Mississippi).  Delays are Dangerous!  The most important concerns of life are too often deferred until a more convenient season, and lasting regrets are frequently the consequence of unnecessary delays.—To-morrow, the kind parent, the beloved child, the affectionate companion, the esteemed friend, the object of your warmest affection, may leave for a distance land, or be laid where your eyes never can behold their features, except in the form we propose to effect for you.  Readers, if you have a kind friend, in whom you feel an interest, and your kind feelings are reciprocated, that friend will value a precious memorial, if taken in our late and improved style.  To all who have lost a relative or friend, and have not even the shadow of a resemblance to look upon, how vary valuable would one of our Life-Like Pictures be.  How often is the remark made?  “Oh, what would I give for such a picture of my parent, child or friend!”  Now, while your mind is interested, we advise you to call at once and have your picture taken by Hankins—return home delighted, and in after life you will thank us for these timely suggestions.

Old images Improved, Exact Copies of Pictures taken, or reduced in size for medallions, Rings and breast-pins, Cases Of All Sorts On Hand!  Pictures taken equally well in cloudy weather.  We design making our Gallery a permanent and pleasant Place of Resort for citizens and strangers.  You cannot call to often.—We particularly ask the attention of the Ladies.   Thos. Hankins.   January 22, 1853.

Thomas Hankins is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as possibly being Thomas Hankins, Jr. who was active in 1859 in Norfolk, Virginia.  John also references a Thomas Haskins as being active in Nashville, Tennessee without activity dates.  it is unknown if they are the same person.

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