Samuel O. Hersey

1852-1855       State Street, over Ellis, Wilder and Co.’s Store, Montpelier, Vermont.                      1855-1857       State Street, over Ellis & Bancroft’s Store, Montpelier, Vermont.

Samuel O. Hersey was recorded in five announcements and three advertisements.  The first advertisement ran from February 5 to December 30, 1852 in the Green-Mountain Freeman  (Montpelier, Vermont).  Hersey’s Daguerreotype Gallery, 2d Door East of Branch Bridge, (Over Ellis, Wilder and Co.’s Store,) State Street, Montpelier, Vt.  Where he takes Daguerreotypes equal to the best, and at the Lowest Prices.

The first announcement appeared on September 30, 1853 in the Burlington Free Press (Burlington, Vermont).  State Fair…..Premiums..…Discretionary—Floral Hall…                          S. O. Hersey……Montpelier………Daguerreotypes……..1.00.

The second advertisement ran from December 15, 1853 to December 20, 1855 in the Green-Mountain Freeman (Montpelier, Vermont).  Hersey’s Daguerreotype Gallery, (Over Ellis, Wilder and Co.’s Store,) State Street, Montpelier.  Daguerreotypes of all sizes taken, and put up in any style desired.  No one wishing a perfect likeness should fail to call. Nov. 22, 1853.

The second announcement appeared on July 26, 1855 in the Green-Mountain Freeman.  (Montpelier, Vermont).  Hersey’s Ambrotypes.—The attention of our readers is particularly invited to the advertisement of Mr. Hersey, in another column.  The Ambrotype is a new thing in the picture-making art, and is very justly taking the place of the Daguerreotype and every other species of miniature making.  They are certainly better than anything of the kind we ever saw, and as much surpass the old Daguerreotype, as that does a pen and ink sketch.  It is clear, and bold in tone, minute and expressive, can be seen in any light and must, from the manner of taking, endure as long as the glass on which it is taken.  They can be taken quicker and easier than the Daguerreotype, and secures at once the admiration and preference of the beholder.  Specimens in the best style of the art can be seen at Hersey’s rooms, and the public should take an early opportunity to call.

The third advertisement ran from July 26, 1855 to December 18, 1856 in the Green-Mountain Freeman (Montpelier, Vermont).  Patent Ambrotypes!  or Daguerreotypes on Glass!  The subscriber, having obtained the right for Montpelier and vicinity, is now prepared to take these beautiful and never-changing pictures in glass, at his Daguerrean Stand; over Ellis & Bancroft’s Store, State Street, Montpelier,

The Art of Ambrotyping has very recently been brought to a high degree of perfection by Mr. Cutting, the inventor, who has secured a patent for fourteen-years in France, Great Britain and in the United States.  These Pictures are taken on the best Plate Glass, to which another glass is cemented thus retaining their brilliancy for ages, and are so beautiful in tone, bold and clear in effect, that they are universally admired, and are rapidly taking the place of Daguerreotypes.

Ambrotypes can be taken equally well upon the smallest miniature up to the full size, and in much less time sitting necessary for a good Daguerreotype.  They can be seen in any light as well as engravings, or any paper pictures under glass, and hence are very suitable for large pictures to be hung in frames.  They are not reversed, but seen in the natural position of the sitter.

Daguerreotypes can be copied in this permanent style, and enlarged to any size.  The darkest or dampest weather is equally favorable for this process, with the fairest and driest, as it is rarely necessary to sit half a minute in the darkest day.  Prices varying from $2.00 to $15.00.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens.  Montpelier, July 23, 1855.  S. O. Hersey.

N. B.—The subscriber would respectfully inform the public that he continues Daguerreotyping in the highest perfection of the art and all its various styles. F. O. Hersey.

The third announcement appeared on January 3, 1856 in the Green-Mountain Freeman  (Montpelier, Vermont).  Patent Ambrotypes.—We suggest to all who wish a life-like picture, to visit Mr. S. O. Hersey’s gallery, over Ellis & Bancroft’s Store.  Mr. Hersey has just received a new stock of well selected cases, lockets, &c., and his new suit of rooms are well adapted to the art; while his skill is not surpassed this side of the cities.  See Advertisement.

The fourth announcement appeared on September 17 1857 in the Green-Mountain Freeman  (Montpelier, Vermont).  Vermont State Fair.  The Seventh Annual Fair of the Vermont State Agricultural Society was held at this place last week…Award of Premiums…Floral Hall…

S. O. Hersey, Montpelier, ambrotypes and photographs……….2.00.                                              L. White, Montpelier, photographs………………………………..1.00.

Samuel O. Hersey is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Montpelier, Vermont from 1856-1860.

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