Joseph Hervey

1841                Address Unknown, Cheraw, South Carolina.                                                            1842                Mr. Stanley’s Building Cheraw, South Carolina.[1]                                                             1842                Corner Second and Market Square, Cheraw, South Carolina.

Joseph Hervey was recorded in four announcements and one advertisements in the Farmers’ Gazette, and Cheraw Advertiser (Cheraw, South Carolina).  The first announcement appeared on  May 26, 1841.  The Daguerreotype.  Our readers are, doubtless, all acquainted with the name, and, perhaps, with the purpose of this exquisite invention—but they are not probably aware that our worthy and enterprising townsman, Mr. Joseph Hervey, has procured one, and is now successfully engaged in conducting its beautiful operations.  We have seen several likenesses taken by Mr. H. in this way, which are quite equal to those taken in New York and Charleston that have come under our notice.  The resemblance of the picture obtained by this means to the original is necessarily perfect.  The eye of the artist cannot be deceived, nor can his hand betray its trust, consulting your vanity at the expense of truth.  He is but the minister of Nature, and only adjusts the plate upon which she, with unerring pencil, traces each part and feature in its own form and it’s just proportions.  Those minutiae which distinguish faces that in their general lineaments most nearly resemble each other are here portrayed with surprising precision.  The mole, the pit, the wrinkle, the honorable scar yea even the careless fold in your collar, and the beautiful handiwork, upon the ladies’ lace, are all preserved.  And this is just what any one wants with a likeness,—to be faithful memorial, to distant or surviving friends, of the person and habits.  For we know that even deformities are beauties in the eyes of those who love us.—as Horace teaches in his exquisite satire.  (3. Sat. 1 Book.

Mr. Hervey deserves great credit for his enterprize, and we confidently anticipate for him a bountiful reward.  The cost of a likeness taken, in this manner is so very small (being only five or six dollars for likeness and frame), as not to be worthy of consideration in comparison with the gratification.

The second announcement appeared on April 19, 1842.  Daguerreotype Portraiture.  Mr. Hervey, respectfully announces to his friends, and the public that he will return home in a short time when he will be prepared to execute Daguerreotype Miniatures in the most perfect manner.  No charge unless a perfect specimen of the art is produced.

The third announcement appeared on May 10, 1842.  Mr. Hervey’s Daguerreotype Likenesses.—We last summer went into several establishments in the city of New York, where Daguerreotype likenesses were taken, and the specimens in Mr. Hervey’s possession, taken by himself, are fully equal to any which we saw in New York.

The fourth announcement appeared on  June 2, 1842.  Notice To Cheraw Beat Company Defaulters.  A Court Martial will be held in the Town Hall of Cheraw on the last Saturday in June next, 26th. all concerned are hereby notified to attend.  The Court will be composed of B. F. Pegues, resident, Joseph Hervey and C. I. Shiver, Esqs.  By order of W. D. Hailey, Capt. May 26, 1841.

The advertisement appeared on June 21, 1842.  A Card.  Daguerreotype Miniatures Taken every day (Sundays excepted) from 9 A. M, till 5 P. M. at the corner of Second Street and market Square.  A Correct specimens of the art or no charge.  The public are invited to call and examine specimens at the room.  J. Hervey.  June 20, 1842.

  1. Harvey was recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in February  842.

[1] Information from Partners with the Sun South Carolina Photographers, 1840-1940.

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