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Mr. Huntington

1841                Rooms at Wheelock’s, Barre, Massachusetts.

Mr. Huntington was recorded in an announcement on July 30, 1841 in the Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotype.  Mr. Huntington, who has taken rooms for a few days at Wheelock’s takes miniatures by this wonderful art, in the best style.  We sat a minute and a quarter before the magic box the other day, when he caught us nice as a pin.  The likeness is so perfect as to be universally pronounced that of a remarkably handsome youth—albeit, we would not vouch for its effect on children who might see it.  There is no mistake about the gentleman or his apparatus, and those who wish for their perfect likenesses would do well to give him a call.  N. B. Those so plain that their portraits need flattery, had better not attend, as the apparatus cannot be adapted to such an end.

Mr. Huntington is not recorded A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900 or  in other photographic directories.

William F. Hunter

1854-1856                   252 Broadway, New York, New York.[1]

William F. Hunter was recorded in two advertisements, one announcement and one article in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  The first advertisement appeared on July 29, 1854.  Daguerreotype Gallery For Sale.—This Gallery is in a fine location, and well fitted up, with a sky light and every convenience.  Any person who purchases this gallery will be taught the business.  Further particulars can be learned of Wm. F. Hunter, 252 Broadway, opposite City Hall.

The announcement appeared on November 6, 1854.  At A Meeting Of The Sale Makers’ Guard, held on the return of the annual excursion on Friday evening, at the drill room, Centre market, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted—

Resolved, that the thanks of the company be tendered to the following gentlemen for the prizes and good wishes so respectfully given to us on our third annual excursion to…Wm. F. Hunter, order for daguerreotypes;…William F, Hunter, order for daguerreotypes and frame;…

The second advertisement appeared on  June 14, 1855.  Photograph Operator Wanted.—One Who understands the business perfectly can get a fine situation at Hunter’s gallery, 252 Broadway.

The article ran on January 1, 1856 in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York).  The article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number One, New York. The author visited 69 Galleries in New York City.

Hunter’s—I was pleased to observe that the proprietor of this gallery is still hunting after the best method for daguerreotyping.  May the hunter be successful.  “The games afoot, follow your spirit,” &c.

William F. Hunter is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, but is recorded here because of the first-hand account of his work.  Also the fact that the he is selling the gallery on July 29, 1854 indicates that he may have been at this location for some time.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.


J. Hunter

1851                Rooms over Rhodes and Smith’s, Hannibal, Missouri.

J. Hunter appeared in an announcement on March 27, 1851 in the Western Union (Hannibal, Missouri). Daguerreotypes. J. Hunter would inform the citizens of Hannibal and vicinity that he will only continue through this week in Hannibal.  Those wishing Portraits would do well to call at his Rooms over Rhodes and Smith’s.

J. Hunter does not appear in other photographic directories.


1856                Bowery, New York, New York.[1]

Hunt was recorded  on January 1, 1856 in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York) In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number One, New York. The author visited 69 Galleries in New York City.

Hunt’s, Bowery—This artist seems thoroughly to understand that when a silver plate is coated with dry iodine, exposed to an accelerator and then transferred to the camera, that a shadow of a person placed before it will be impressed upon the plate. May such knowledge meet with its reward.

Hunt is not recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and is included here because of the first-hand account of his work.  Cornelius D. Hunt also on Bowery, is also recorded in this article so the possibility of this being him is slim.

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.  Possibly Caleb Hunt but john does not list him at this address.


Hunt, Mr.

1853                Rooms in the McCook Building, Carrollton, Ohio.                                                  1855                Rooms in the Stidger Hall, Up Stairs, Carrollton, Ohio.

Mr. Hunt was recorded in three announcements in The Carroll Free Press (Carrollton, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on August 4, 1853.  Mr. Hunt, the Daguerreotypist, is in town, taking pictures.  His rooms are in the McCook building, next door to Dr. Boegels Drug-store, If you want something good looking call on Mr. Hunt, and have your picture taken.

The second announcement appeared on August 11, 1853.  We call the attention of our readers, last week, to the fact that Mr. Hunt was taking Daguerreotype pictures in our town. We would again say Mr. Hunt is on hand, and driving a smashing trade in his line.  Every one wants a Good picture and True, would do well to give him a call.  His rooms are above Boegels Drug-Store.

The third announcement appeared on September 20, 1855.  Mr. Hunt, who is stopping here for a time, has opened rooms in the ‘Stidger Hall,’ where he is prepared to take Daguerreotype likenesses in the most approved style.  Mr. Hunt is known to our community as a good artist; and will be happy to receive a call from our citizens.  Rooms up stairs.

Mr. Hunt is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Carrollton, Ohio. It is possible that this is Caleb Hunt, but more research is needed.

Caleb Hunt

1850                Rooms in Liberty Hall, Salem, Ohio

Caleb Hunt was recorded in one advertisement, ad one announcement.  The advertisement ran from July 20 to August 10, 1850. In the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  Caleb Hunt purposes opening his Daguerreotype Gallery in Salem about the 20th of July, and would say to those wishing perfect likenesses, to call and see specimens, prices, and I warrant satisfaction in all cases.  My stay will likely be very short, so call and look us over soon.  Room, Liberty Hall, fitted up with skylight, and every other arrangement for the best likenesses.

The announcement appeared on July 27, 1850 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).   Daguerreotype.  Caleb Hunt, whose advertisement will be found in another column, is engaged in taking Daguerreotype Likenesses in our village.  He has returned recently from a tour to the Eastern Cities, and judging from the high commendation given him by some of the leading journals, he must be very successful in his profession.  The following is from M’Makin’s American Courier, published at Philadelphia.

“The most successful efforts in Daguerreotype are made by natives of Ohio.  Among those who have attained remarkable proficiency in this branch of the fine Arts, we have mentioned the names of Faris in Cincinnati, and Caleb Hunt on the Western Reserve, both of whom have become highly distinguished for their superior skill, energy and success.”

In speaking of Mr. Hunt, the Courier further says, “He has had the benefit of instructions from Root, the great Philadelphia Daguerreotypist, (also from Ohio) who stands at the head of his profession in this Country, if not in Europe.  Both these gentlemen reflect credit on Ohio, the giant young state which is giving to the world so many men of acknowledged talent and true genius.”

Caleb Hunt is recorded in Ohio Photographers 1839-1990 as being active in Cincinnati in 1853 and Cleveland in 1854.

Hunt & Boone

1853-1856       Rooms in Johnson & Horner’s Block, Salem, Ohio.

Hunt & Boone were recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 17, 1853 to January 19, 1856 in the Anti-Slavery Bugle (New-Lisbon, Ohio).  The Place To Get Your Likeness.  Hunt & Boone, Have opened, in Johnson & Horner’s block, the largest and finest Daguerreian Rooms in Eastern Ohio, where they are constantly taking pictures (exclusively on Galvanized Plates) surpassing all others in durability, beauty of finish and artistic style.  Our facilities for operation are of the most ample and improved order, consisting in part of machinery to polish the plate.  By it we are enabled to give the highest polish, without which a fine picture cannot be taken.  Our Sky-Light Is Of Mammoth Size And Sufficient To Take Sixty Persons On A Single Plate.

Prices Range From 37½ Cts. To Ten Dollars.  Ladies and gentlemen are requested to call and examine our specimens.  Salem, Dec. 17, 1853.

Hunt & Boone are not recorded in other photographic directories.  Caleb Hunt is recorded in Salem, Ohio in 1850 but, it is pure speculation to suggest that they are the same person.

John E, Hulbert

1855-1856       26 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                                                        N. D.                   Address Unknown, Holly Springs, Mississippi.                                                                1855                   Address Unknown, Ripley, Mississippi.

John E. Hulbert was recorded in two announcements and three advertisements.  The first announcement appeared on March 10, 1855 in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  Hulbert & Co.’s. Daguerreotypes.  The card of this firm will be seen in another column.  Their Daguerreotypes are of the finest description, which all may know who visit their elegant rooms on the corner of Camp and Common Streets, New Orleans.

The first advertisement ran from March 10, 1856 to April 5, 1856 in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  J. E. Hulbert & Co., Daguerreotypist.  26 Camp Street—Corner of Common.  New Orleans.

The second announcement appeared on October 18, 1855 in The Ripley Advertiser (Ripley, Mississippi).  Daguerreotypes For One Dollar!  By reference to his car in our advertising columns, it will be seen that Mr. J. E. Hulbert, Daguerreotypist, of New Orleans, will open his Daguerrean Rooms, in Ripley, on the 23d inst.  Those who wish really fine Daguerreotypes, at a trifling cost, had better avail themselves of the opportunity now offered.  We subjoin the following from many no less complimentary notices of the press:

j. e. Hulbert, 26 Camp street, is offering great inducements to all wishing Daguerreotype Likenesses.—The pictures at this establishment are fine specimens of the Art, and clearly shows the proprietor to be master of his Profession.—N. O. Picayune.

We but express the sentiments of this entire community when we say that Mr. Hulbert has given much better satisfaction than any operator who has visited our town.—Holly Springs, Miss., Times.

The second advertisement ran from October 18 to November 1, 1855 in The Ripley Advertiser.  (Ripley, Mississippi).  Daguerreotypes For One Dollar!  The Citizens of Tippah County, are respectfully informed that I will open my Daguerrean Rooms In Ripley, On The 23rd October.  Having a large assortment of the Finest Apparatus and Materials, together with long experience in the art, the public may rely upon receiving likenesses fully Equal if not Superior to any yet executed in the country.  As my stay will be short all are invited to call at once and avail themselves of the opportunity now offered for securing really Fine Daguerreotypes At About Half Price.  All work warranted to please, or no charge.

Persons who have heretofore failed to procure correct likenesses, are especially invited to give me a trial.  My stay in Ripley will not exceed three weeks, because my Daguerrean Gallery in New Orleans will require my presence there by that time at the farthest.           J. E. Hulbert.

The third advertisement ran from July 13 to 27, 1859 in The South-Western.  (Shreveport, Louisiana).  To Artist.  having concluded to change my business as an artist, I offer for sale at New Orleans Prices, my entire stock, consisting of a very fine assortment of all kinds, sizes and qualities of Cases, Chemicals of all kinds, fine glass, white, black and convex, of all sizes.  also two fine Cameras, and in fact everything pertaining to a well regulated Daguerrean Gallery.  The above articles can be seen at Mr. James F. Jones’ store, Texas street.  J. E. Hulbert.

John E. Hulbert is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in New Orleans in 1855-1856, but not in Mississippi.

E. P. Huglar

1854                165 Eighth Avenue, New York, New York.

E. P. Huglar was recorded in one advertisement that ran on May 3, 1854. The New York Herald.  (New York, New York).  Huglar 20,000 Gift Enterprise.—Mr. E. P. Huglar, of 165 Eighth avenue, proposes to give all the purchasers of one of his splendid $1.50 daguerreotypes, a ticket entitling them to one of his 20,000 rich and elegant gifts valued at $16,619.50,  Daguerreotypes and tickets may be obtained at E. P. Huglar’s daguerrean gallery, 165 Eighth avenue, and tickets at Howe’s cough candy depot, 166 Chatham street.

E.  P. Huglar is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list an Edward P. Huylers in New York city from 1852-1860, it is possible that that they are  the same person.

J . E. Hugget

1855                A few doors east of the M. E. Church, Eaton, Ohio.

J . E. Hugget was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement.  The advertisement ran from April 19 to July 26, 1855 in the Eaton Democrat (Eaton, Ohio).  Sky-Light Daguerreotype Pavilion.  The undersigned takes great pleasure in announcing to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Eaton and surrounding country that he is now in town, and is prepared to furnish all lovers of Nature’s delicate pencillings, with a correct likeness of themselves or friends, by calling at his room, and taking a seat under the mellow light, as it flows from heaven’s boundless arch, imparting to nature her true form.

He is prepared to take Likenesses, of all sizes, from the smallest Miniature to the half size form.  Pictures taken in cloudy, fully as well as in clear weather.  Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine Specimens and Stock.  Office open from 7 A. M., to 6 P. M.  J. E. Hugget, Daguerreotypist.

The announcement ran on May 24, 1855 in the Eaton Democrat (Eaton, Ohio).  The superiority of Huggett’s Daguerreotype Likenesses is Apparent to the most casual observer.  Their striking correctness, fine tone and beautiful finish, gives them precedence over all others.  His rooms are a few doors east of the M. E. Church, where all who want correct likenesses of themselves or friends will do well to call.

J . E. Hugget is not recorded in other photographic directories.