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Mrs. E. E. Lamson

1859                91 Middle Street, Portland, Maine.

Mrs. E. E. Lamson appeared in one advertisement that was recorded on July 16, 1859 in the  Portland Daily Advertiser (Portland, Maine).  Mrs. E. E. Lamson, Artist, From Boston, Would respectfully inform the citizens of Portland and vicinity, that having had several years’ experience in the art of Finishing Photographs in India Ink, Oil and Water-Colors.

Would say to all lovers of art, that she would be happy to receive a share of their patronage, and those desiring instruction in the same, would do well to give her an early call at B. F. Smith’s Rooms, Middle Street, where Specimens can be seen.

Likenesses warranted to be kept unchanged. 

Mrs. E. E. Lamson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Side note only one issue of this newspaper was available for 1859.

Mr. Schwert

N. D.               Address Unknown, Cleveland, Ohio.

1859                Address Unknown, Ashland, Ohio.

Mr. Schwert was recorded in one announcement on October 19, 1859 in The Ashland Union.  (Ashland, Ohio).  Photographs.—Mr. Ensminger had on exhibition at the county Fair as fine a collection of colored Photographs as can be found in any gallery in any city East or West.  The coloring of these Photographs was executed by Mr. Schwert, late of Cleveland.  Mr. S. will remain in Ashland two or three weeks, and all who desire to obtain for themselves or friends life-like Pictures, should avail themselves of the rare opportunity now offered.  A visit to Mr. Ensminger’s gallery will compensate all who appreciate good pictures.

A second announcement appeared on October 26, 1859 in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ashland Ohio). Mr. Schwert’s name does not appear but should have also been credited.  Premiums Awarded at the Eighth Annual Fair of the Ashland County Agricultural Society…

Best painted photographs, E. Ensminger, diploma and 5, 00.

Mr. Schwert is not recorded in other photographic directories.  He is also not recorded in The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of American Artists 1564 to 1860.

S. W. Price

1857                Between Main and Franklin Streets, Clarksville, Tennessee.

S. W. Price is recorded in two announcements in the Clarksville Chronicle (Clarksville, Tennessee). The first announcement appeared on November 20, 1857. We are pleased to see that our clever friend and accomplished artist, Mr. S. W. Price, has returned to our city, to remain a short time.  We are shown a specimen of his skill, in the way of coloring upon the Photograph likeness of our Editor.  It is certainly a fine specimen of art.

If, with McCormac to take the picture, and Price to do the coloring, our senior’s face is not well taken, then there is no use in any one else trying.  In our opinion, this Photograph cannot be surpassed.

The second announcement appeared on May 21, 1858.  Mr. Price is again in our midst Mr. Price is a painter of decided merit, and if evidence of that fact were wanting, his picture of that fact were wanting, his picture of Mr. Fillmore is sufficient to place the matter beyond a doubt.  Mr. Price is also a high-toned and honorable gentleman, and we bespeak for him a liberal share of patronage.  We presume he will resume his employment as colorer of Photographers for Mr. W. J. McCormac.  Success attend them both.

S. W. Price is not recorded in other photographic directories. There is a possibility that this is Samuel Woodson Price a portrait and figure painter who was active in Kentucky and Tennessee prior to the Civil War.

Miss. Partridge

1858                Address Unknown, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Miss.  Partridge was recorded on October 27, 1858 in one announcement in the Weekly North Carolina Standard (Raleigh, North Carolina).  [By Our Own Reporter.]  Annual Fair Of The State Agricultural Society Of North Carolina, Held in this City On the 19th, 20th, 21st, & 22d October, 1858….List of Premiums Awarded…Floral Hall…No. 63—Fine Arts.

Best specimens of daguerreotypes, T. J. Haven(s),                                        5.                                    Best specimens of ambrotypes, T. J. Haven(s),                                                5.                                      Best specimens of photographs, Havens & Andrews,                                   5.                                  Best piece colored photographs, Miss Partridge,                                            5.                                    Best improvement on ambrotypes or daguerreotypes, Mr. Havens,      5.                                      2d Best specimen of painting in oil, Miss. Partridge,                                     5.

*Miss. Partridge may be a colorist and not a photographer.  Note explanation from committee.  [Miss. Partridge specimen of oil painting is well drawn and fairly executed; but being a copy, the committee deems Mrs. Walker’s oil painting , (as being a sketch from nature,) most worthy of the first premium, especially, as it bears a favorable comparison, in execution, with Miss. Partridge’s painting.

Miss. Partridge is not recorded in other photographic directories.