S. W. Price

1857                Between Main and Franklin Streets, Clarksville, Tennessee.

S. W. Price is recorded in two announcements in the Clarksville Chronicle (Clarksville, Tennessee). The first announcement appeared on November 20, 1857. We are pleased to see that our clever friend and accomplished artist, Mr. S. W. Price, has returned to our city, to remain a short time.  We are shown a specimen of his skill, in the way of coloring upon the Photograph likeness of our Editor.  It is certainly a fine specimen of art.

If, with McCormac to take the picture, and Price to do the coloring, our senior’s face is not well taken, then there is no use in any one else trying.  In our opinion, this Photograph cannot be surpassed.

The second announcement appeared on May 21, 1858.  Mr. Price is again in our midst Mr. Price is a painter of decided merit, and if evidence of that fact were wanting, his picture of that fact were wanting, his picture of Mr. Fillmore is sufficient to place the matter beyond a doubt.  Mr. Price is also a high-toned and honorable gentleman, and we bespeak for him a liberal share of patronage.  We presume he will resume his employment as colorer of Photographers for Mr. W. J. McCormac.  Success attend them both.

S. W. Price is not recorded in other photographic directories. There is a possibility that this is Samuel Woodson Price a portrait and figure painter who was active in Kentucky and Tennessee prior to the Civil War.

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