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Mr. Schwert

N. D.               Address Unknown, Cleveland, Ohio.

1859                Address Unknown, Ashland, Ohio.

Mr. Schwert was recorded in one announcement on October 19, 1859 in The Ashland Union.  (Ashland, Ohio).  Photographs.—Mr. Ensminger had on exhibition at the county Fair as fine a collection of colored Photographs as can be found in any gallery in any city East or West.  The coloring of these Photographs was executed by Mr. Schwert, late of Cleveland.  Mr. S. will remain in Ashland two or three weeks, and all who desire to obtain for themselves or friends life-like Pictures, should avail themselves of the rare opportunity now offered.  A visit to Mr. Ensminger’s gallery will compensate all who appreciate good pictures.

A second announcement appeared on October 26, 1859 in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ashland Ohio). Mr. Schwert’s name does not appear but should have also been credited.  Premiums Awarded at the Eighth Annual Fair of the Ashland County Agricultural Society…

Best painted photographs, E. Ensminger, diploma and 5, 00.

Mr. Schwert is not recorded in other photographic directories.  He is also not recorded in The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary of American Artists 1564 to 1860.

Ensminger & Smith

1858                Address unknown, Ashland, Ohio.

Ensminger & Smith was recorded in an announcement on October 6, 1858 in The Ashland Union (Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio).  Premiums Awarded at the Ashland County Fair for 1858….Best lot of ambrotypes Ensminger & Smith 3.00.

The partnership of E. M. Ensminger & Nathan W. Smith are not recorded in other photographic directories.  The both are recorded separately as being active in Ashland, Ohio.