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Thomas H. Johnson

1858                Address Unknown, [Main Street, opposite Republican Office], Geneseo, New                                York.

Thomas H. Johnson was recorded in an advertisement that ran on September 9 & 16, 1858 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  Photographic!  Thomas H. Johnson, Artist, From Brady’s and more recently from the Root Gallery, New York, would respectfully inform the citizens of Geneseo and Livingston County, that he has leased the sky-light Rooms in this village for a short time, as is prepared to furnish Photographic and Ambrotype Views And Portraits, in the highest Style of the Art at moderate prices.

An examination of his work is solicited.  Daguerreotypes Copied and Enlarged, Plain or in Colors.  Views of Residences, Portraits of Stock, &c.  Particular attention is called to his new style of colored portraits, the Diaphaneotype!  Instructions given at prices to suit the times.

Thomas H. Johnson is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Geneseo, New York.

Griffin & Whyland

1850                Main Street, over J. D. Crank’s Store, Geneseo, New York.

Griffin (Lewis V.) & Whyland were recorded in an advertisement that ran from February 14 to August 15, 1850 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  Daguerreotypes!  Messrs. Griffin & Whyland would respectfully announce to the citizens of Geneseo and vicinity, that they have fitted up the rooms over store of J. D. Crank, Main Street, where they will be ready at any time to accommodate the public with Miniatures, which are seldom equaled for beauty of tone and brilliant luster, and the “Eyes” we never fail in producing them equally as plain and bright as those of the original.  Having spent much time in the study and practice of the art, and also in obtaining the latest improvements, they feel perfectly confident that their specimens will compare with any hitherto produced.  A good assortment of stock on hand at all times.  Every variety of Cases—Single, Double, Plain Morocco, Turkey hoend, fancy Gilt and embossed.

Frames—Rosewood, Mahogany, Rough and Ready, Single or in Groups.  Lockets—All sizes, single, double, and glass fronts.  Miniature Pins and Rings.  Warranted instructions given to any who are otherwise qualified for the business, and free access to all books and papers connected with the art.  Apparatus and stock furnished if desired.

Miniatures taken in all kinds of weather.  Ladies and gentlemen are requested to examine and sit for specimens.  Geneseo, February 11th, 1850.

Lewis V. Griffin is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, but not in the partnership with Whyland, and Whyland is not recorded in other photographic directories.

George C. Gillett

1857                Main Street, over White’s Grocery Store, Geneseo, New York.

George C. Gillett was recorded in an announcement and advertisement.  The announced appeared on May 14, 1857 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  We noticed the other day something entirely new in the photographic art, in the way of Ambrotype pictures on patent enamel leather.  They are first taken on glass and then transferred to leather, making a “photo” of great beauty.  Gillett is prepared to furnish the above or any other kind of a sun picture that may be desired.

The advertisement ran from May 14 to July 16, 1857 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  War In China!  Important Announcement!  Whether the present war between the English and the “Celestials: shall effect the price of teas or not, I intend to keep Right On taking those fine Likenesses! which have already pleased so many.  The only deviation will be to present every improvement which I can obtain.  If any have had fears about the durability of my Ambrotypes, I would say that I can show them pictures which have been exposed on the roof with no glass over them to the hot sun, Rain, Snow, and hard Frosts, and are now as good as new.

I would also call attention to a new process for transferring likenesses from glass to patent leather, which I have obtained at considerable expense.—They possess great brilliancy, and cannot be rubbed off without taking the enamel of the leather with them.—They are just the thing to send in a letter, as they cost no additional postage, and are really very nice.

Copying done Promptly and Well.  Children taken perfectly in from 2 to 3 seconds in a fine day.  Please call at my rooms West side of Main Street, over White’s Grocery.  George C. Gillett.

George C. Gillett is not recorded in other photographic directories.

J. Geiger

1857-1858       Main Street, over the Post Office, Geneseo, New York.

J. Geiger was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements in the partnership of Ranger & Geiger.  The announcement appeared on March 19, 1857 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  The improvements made I the last few years in the Daguerrean art, have more than kept pace with the progressive age and has now in this country attained a perfection and excellence that would seem to lead to the conclusion that the art had now reached its acme of beauty and perfection.  It is but a few years since the principle was given us by the French, but the art to-day bears little comparison to what was brought to us from across the water.  Yankee ingenuity, skill and experience has perfected the art.  On a recent visit to the rooms of Mr. J. Geiger, over the Post Office, we could but note the change effected and the improvements made, and in the hands of a skilful artists like Mr. G. persons can obtain “sun delineations” as perfect and natural as the originals.  Mr. G. has facilities that enables him at all times to produce pictures that need only be seen to be appreciated.  His stock is large, and persons should not loose the opportunity of procuring pictures when such an opportunity presents itself.

The first advertisement ran from March 19 to September 3, 1857 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  Daguerrean & Ambrotype Gallery Geiger is again on hand, just returned from the city, and prepared to offer to his numerous patrons an opportunity to select from the largest and best assortment of Daguerreotype Goods, including every variety of the latest styles of Plain And Fancy Cases, Single & Family Frames, &c. ever brought into this County, and which he will sell at greatly Reduced Prices. from Fifty Cents upwards.  A good picture enclosed in a neat case for Fifty Cents, And warranted to be equal to any taken elsewhere in Western New York, affording all an opportunity of getting correct Likenesses of themselves, their families and relations at much lower prices than formerly.  The wisest statesmen have said “in time of peace prepare for war.”  True affection says, “in health procure a memento that shall last when this frail form shall have passed away.”

Reader, while you mind is upon the subject, come with your family, and secure those family keepsakes which are so highly prized.  Don’t delay until the family circle is broken by the Spoiler.

Have you a friend or companion who would highly prize your Ambrotype?  Call at Geiger’s Rooms where he may be found during all business hours, prepared to do all work pertaining to that art.  He has a superior apparatus, and assures the public that his pictures shall be of the first quality, and from 25 to 50vper cent cheaper than can be obtained elsewhere.

Miniatures taken in clear or cloudy weather, and inserted in Lockets, Pins, Rings and Bracelets, &c.  Views of Residences taken.  Also miniatures taken of the sick or dead, if desired, on reasonable terms.  Copying of every description done on short notice.  Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.

Thankful for former very liberal patronage, a continuance of the same is respectfully solicited.  Don’t forget the place.  It is over the Post Office, Main-st., Genesco.  J. Geiger, March 2d, 57.

The second advertisement ran from October 29, 1857 to March 18, 1858 in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York).  Pictures!  Pictures!  Take Notice, And Profit Thereby.  Great Photographic Gallery In Geneseo.  Two Large Rooms Combined.  Geneseo not only takes the head of being one of the finest towns in Western New York, But in the Fine Arts Ranger & Geiger’s Photographic Gallery produces the finest, boldest most natural and life-like likenesses.  Their Ambrotypes, Meininotypes, Cameotypes, Sphereotypes, and pictures taken on patent leather are superior to any taken elsewhere.  Our pictures are not only the best, but they are the cheapest.  Here you can get a good picture in a neat case For Fifty Cents And upwards.  We have now on hand the largest and best variety of Stock, both Plain and Fancy Cases, of every style and quality.  Miniatures taken in a clear and cloudy weather, and inserted in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets, Frames, &c., &c.  Pictures taken any size from that of a pea to the very largest size, and warranted.  Views of Residences take; also Miniatures of the sick or dead, at their residence if desired.  Copying of every description done in the best possible manner, and on short notice.

Instructions given in the Art, and Apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.  Strangers and citizens are requested to call and examine specimens.  Don’t forget the place, West side of Main St., Geneseo.  Rooms open from seven, A. M., until six P. M.  W. Ranger. J. Geiger.

J. Geiger is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a William E. Ranger in Warsaw, N. Y. as a daguerrean in 1859.  It is possible that they are the same person Geneseo is about 21 miles from Warsaw.