W. B. Ranger

1857-1859       Main Street, Geneseo, New York.

W. B. Ranger was recorded in four advertisements in the Livingston Republican (Geneseo, New York). The first advertisement ran from October 29, 1857 to March 18, 1858. Pictures!  Pictures!  Take Notice, And Profit Thereby.  Great Photographic Gallery In Geneseo.  Two Large Rooms Combined.  Geneseo not only takes the head of being one of the finest towns in Western New York, But in the Fine Arts Ranger & Geiger’s Photographic Gallery produces the finest, boldest most natural and life-like likenesses.  Their Ambrotypes, Meininotypes, Cameotypes, Sphereotypes, and pictures taken on patent leather are superior to any taken elsewhere.  Our pictures are not only the best, but they are the cheapest.  Here you can get a good picture in a neat case For Fifty Cents And upwards.  We have now on hand the largest and best variety of Stock, both Plain and Fancy Cases, of every style and quality.  Miniatures taken in a clear and cloudy weather, and inserted in Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets, Frames, &c., &c.  Pictures taken any size from that of a pea to the very largest size, and warranted.  Views of Residences take; also Miniatures of the sick or dead, at their residence if desired.  Copying of every description done in the best possible manner, and on short notice.

Instructions given in the Art, and Apparatus furnished on reasonable terms.  Strangers and citizens are requested to call and examine specimens.  Don’t forget the place, West side of Main St., Geneseo.  Rooms open from seven, A. M., until six P. M,.  W. Ranger.   J. Geiger.

The second advertisement ran from May 26 to August 11, 1859.  Ranger’s Photographic And Fine Art Gallery, Now Open.  I would say to the citizens of this town and surrounding country, that I have returned and taken charge of the old Daguerrean Gallery, West side of Main street.

Photographs, Ambrotypes, Cameotypes, Grained Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Pictures on Patent Leather, Taken in the highest style of the art.

All who want pictures give me a call, and I will give you as good work as can be obtained elsewhere.  Pictures of sick or deceased persons taken at their residences; old Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, or Paintings, taken and enlarged.

Citizens and Strangers are invited to call and examine work, whether they wish to purchase or not.  Satisfaction given, and all work warranted.

Through instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished.  Don’t forget the place, west side Main Street, Geneseo.   W. B. Ranger.  my. 12.

The third advertisement ran from August 25 to December 8, 1859.  Photographs, Photographs.  Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Crayon Pictures!  Pictures On Gutta Percha!  To send to friends in a letter, without extra postage.

Diaphaneotypes, Old Daguerreotypes, Paintings, &c., Copied.                                                Pictures of Deceased Or Sick Persons, Taken At Their Residences.

In fact, all kinds of Pictures that are known to the Photographic Art, that have been proved, taken in the highest style, and finished in the most durable manner Where?  Why, At Ranger’s Premium Photograph Gallery!  Geneseo, August 18, 1859.

The fourth advertisement ran from October 27 to December 8, 1859.  Attention.  Stereoscopes and Stereo Pictures.  Something that every family should have in their parlors for their own gratification and to please their friends.  I would say to the public that I have on hand the Stereo Pictures, and Stereoscopes, which I shall sell at the lowest possible rates.  Views of all the principal points of interest in the world furnished to order, at city retail prices.  I shall keep constantly on hand a variety of pictures and instruments of different prices.  Call and see them at Ranger’s Photographic Gallery, Main St., Geneseo.  oct. 20.

W. B. Ranger is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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