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William H. Deehong (DeShong)

1859                Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia.[1]

William H. Deehong  (DeShong) was recorded in an announcement on November 19, 1859 in The Daily Exchange (Baltimore, Maryland).  Atlanta, Nov. 17.—A fire broke out here last night at 11 o’clock and burnt until 2 o’clock this morning, consuming much valuable property.  It originated in a drug store, near Shackelford’s auction room, and burnt to the Fulton Bank.  The Intelligencer newspaper office is in ruins, and two of the next blocks up Whitehall Street.  The flames then spread from Markum corner up Alabama street to Down’s grocery, and thence up Whitehall street to Holbrook’s hat store.  The principal property destroyed was…Deehong’s daguerreotype gallery…

The same announcement also ran in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  William H. DeShong is recorded in in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and Early Georgia Photographers, 1841–1861: a Biographical Checklist, Compiled by E. Lee Eltzroth.

[1] Address from Early Georgia Photographers, 1841–1861: a Biographical Checklist, Compiled by E. Lee Eltzroth


Bingham & DeShong

The partnership of Bingham & DeShong has previously not been recorded in photographic directories.  Both Benjamin Bingham and William H. DeShong have appeared in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  They first appear in an advertisement that appeared in the Memphis Daily Appeal (Memphis, Tennessee) under the heading Business Notices on December 12, 1858 and ran till January 15, 1859.  We are often asked by strangers where the best pictures are to be had?  We would here through the press answer all.  We say, go to DeShong’s Gallery, 118 Main Street.  Mr. DeShong is now assisted by Mr. Bingham, whose pictures stand unrivalled, Call and see for yourselves, and be convinced.

On January 18, 1859 in the Memphis Daily Appeal under the heading Business Notices two notices appear.  Beautiful Pictures.—Messrs. Bingham & DeShong, 181 Main street, take the melainotype pictures on the iron plate, which will neither break or fade.  They are undoubtedly the best and prettiest pictures made.

Children’s Picture’s.—parents wishing pictures of their children can get them fac simile of Messrs. Bingham & DeShong, at the premium gallery, opposite the Worsham House.  Every attention will be paid to the cases of children, and their restlessness will be met with cheerful patience.

On March 27, 1859 the third Business Notice in the Memphis Daily Appeal appears.    Premium Gallery.—Bingham & DeShong Main street, opposite the Worsham House, continue to make those celebrated Melainotypes, known to be the very best pictures now made.  Recollect premium gallery. 180 Main street.  It is unknown if they changed address, if they are newspaper typos, or a renumbering of street addresses, which address is correct 118, 181 or 180 Main Street?