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Ensley White

1853                Address Unknown, Atlanta, Georgia.

Ensley White appeared in two announcements.  The first appeared on November 17, 1853 in the  Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, Virginia).  Mr. White, a daguerreotypist, was shot dead in a fracas at Atlanta, Georgia, by a lad named Odena White, formerly of New York.

The second announcement appeared on November 18, 1853 in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  Fatal Rencontre.—A young daguerrean artist, named Ensley White, entered a restaurant in Atlanta, Ga., on the 11th inst., while under the influence of liquor.  Becoming noisy and quarrelsome, the proprietor’s son, a youth named James Odena, made some remarks which led to an assault from White, when young Odena drew a revolver and fired twice; after the second fire White advanced on the boy with a pitcher in his hand, and was in the attitude of striking, when the third barrel of the pistol was discharged, the ball passing through his neck.  He immediately fell, and died six hours afterwards.  Odena was furnished with money by a friend, and made his escape on horseback; but by aid of the telegraph, was arrested.

Ensley White is not recorded in other photographic directories.

William H. Deehong (DeShong)

1859                Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia.[1]

William H. Deehong  (DeShong) was recorded in an announcement on November 19, 1859 in The Daily Exchange (Baltimore, Maryland).  Atlanta, Nov. 17.—A fire broke out here last night at 11 o’clock and burnt until 2 o’clock this morning, consuming much valuable property.  It originated in a drug store, near Shackelford’s auction room, and burnt to the Fulton Bank.  The Intelligencer newspaper office is in ruins, and two of the next blocks up Whitehall Street.  The flames then spread from Markum corner up Alabama street to Down’s grocery, and thence up Whitehall street to Holbrook’s hat store.  The principal property destroyed was…Deehong’s daguerreotype gallery…

The same announcement also ran in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).  William H. DeShong is recorded in in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry and Early Georgia Photographers, 1841–1861: a Biographical Checklist, Compiled by E. Lee Eltzroth.

[1] Address from Early Georgia Photographers, 1841–1861: a Biographical Checklist, Compiled by E. Lee Eltzroth