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L. M. Verbois

1857                Address Unknown, Thibodaux, Louisiana.

1857                Address Unknown, Grosse Tete, Louisiana.

L. M. Verbois was recorded in two announcements and one advertisement in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  The first announcement appeared on May 9, 1857.  Ambrotypes.  If it is not already publicly known, it will be in a few days, that Capt. Verbois, having made himself thoroughly acquainted with the art of Ambrotyping, under the tuition of that celebrated artist, Mr. Chas. Wilson, will commence the practice of his artr forthwith on the opposite side of the river.  His specimens that we have seen are in no way inferior to those of his tutor, and we feel sure that he can give the highest satisfaction.  The Thibodaux Minerva thus speaks of the captain:

We have concluded to pay our distresses to Capt. Greenwood, better known to his numerous friends from New Orleans to Bayou Sara, as le Capitaine Verbois, the Professor’s (Wilson) student and worthy assistant in his beautiful art.  The Captain has now been a student of the Professor for over four months, and some of his essays at counterfeiting the human face are equal if not superior, in some instances, to those of the Professor himself.—In fact, in due course of time we have no hesitancy in believing that the Captain will be as proficient in picture taking as he is, or has been, in commanding a steamboat.  This is our opinion, and we wish it circulated among his numerous country friends in the river parishes, where he intends to pursue his calling at the end of his present stay in Thibodaux.

The second announcement appeared on August 1, 1857.  Ambrotypes.—Those of our friends on the Bayou Grosse Tete, who would be glad to have an excellent Ambrotype portrait of themselves or family, will be pleased to learn, by his card, that Capt. Verbois is about to visit their section, as we can recommend him as a first rate artist.

The advertisement ran from August 1 to 22, 1857.  To the People of Grosse Tete.  Ambrotypes.—The undersign respectfully informs the citizens of Grosse Tete that he designs visiting that section the coming week.  He guarantees that his Pictures shall be faithful likenesses and taken in the highest order of the art—surpassed by none.  Lose not the present opportunity.  L. M. Verbois.

L. M. Verbois is not recorded in other photographic directories.

F. Sancan

1853-1854       80 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                                                        1854                   Rooms over Badeaux & Bruff, corner Main & Focus Streets, Thibodaux,                                             Louisiana.

F. Sancan was recorded in two advertisement and one announcement in the Thibodaux Minerva.  (Thibodaux, Louisiana).  The first advertisement ran from June 11, 1853 to June 1, 1854. Sache & Sancan, Daguerreotype and Painting Gallery, No. 80 Camp St., New Orleans.  my14.

The announcement appeared on March 11, 1854.  Don’t forget to call on Mr. Sancan, and obtain one of his Daguerreotypes by an entire new process.  See his card.

The second advertisement ran from March 11 to July 22, 1854. Daguerreotype Saloon.  Mr. F. Sancan, has the honor to inform the citizens of Thibodaux and vicinity, that he has opened a Daguerrean Saloon, over the store of Messrs. Badeaux & Bruff, corner of Main and Focus streets, where he will be happy to wait upon those who may honor him with a call.

By an entire new process—one yet little known—he not only gives his pictures a true likeness in features, but also in complexion.  This process has also another advantage in doing away in a partial degree the looking-glass appearance of the ground work.

F. Sancan is not listed in other photographic directories.  See Sache & Sancan post.

William Guay

1855                1 Camp Street, corner of Canal, New Orleans, Louisiana.                                1855                Rooms over Messrs. Badeaux & Bruff, Corner of Main & Focus Streets,                                             Thibodaux, Louisiana.

William Guay was recorded in two announcements and three advertisements in the Thibodaux Minerva (Thibodaux, Louisiana).  The first announcement appeared on July 28, 1855.  Photography.—Mr. Guay, from the well known Daguerrean Gallery of Moissenet & Law, New Orleans, has taken rooms for a short time over the store of Messrs. Badeaux & Bruff, corner of Main & Focus streets.  Mr. G. is the only photographic artist that has ever visited our town, and we can recommend him as one thoroughly versed in his branch of the Daguerrian art.  See his card in another column.

The first advertisement ran from July 28 to August 11, 1855.  Moissenet & Law’s Daguerrean & Photographic Gallery, No. 1 Camp street, corner of Canal, New Orleans.  Mr. Guay, from the above Gallery, has the honor of announcing to the citizens of Thibodaux and vicinity that he has opened his rooms at the corner of Main and Focus streets, over the store of Messrs. Badeaux & Bruff, (recently Sancan’s Daguerrean Gallery,) where he is now prepared to execute Portraits by the Daguerreotype and Photographic process, in a style of superior excellence that cannot fail to please his patrons.

He particularly calls the attention of the public to his new and beautiful style of Photographic Portraits, taken on paper and on canvas, and colored in the most elaborate and artistic manner.  This process presents a rare opportunity to those who may have Daguerreotypes of the deceased or absent friends, of having them copied and enlarged to any size they may desire—from the smallest miniature to life-size portraits—and painted in either oil or water colors.  The limits of an advertisement will not admit of a lengthy description of the superior advantages and unrivalled perfection of this new mode of executing Likenesses.  Wherever they have been introduced they have elicited the unbounded admiration of all lovers of the Fine Arts:  and in New Orleans and the Northern Cities they are rapidly superseding the ordinary daguerreotypes.  The public are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens on exhibition at the above rooms.

The second advertisement ran from August 4 to 11, 1855.  Daguerreoric Eilxir!  As a favorable Remedy.  Exquisite, faithful Daguerreotypes are now being taken over Baddeaux & Bruff’s Store, by Mr. Guay, from the celebrated Daguerreotype establishment of F. Moissenet, New Orleans.

The second announced appeared on August 4, 1855.  Never was it more Fashionable in Thibodaux!  Daguerreotype gems now to be had over the store of Messrs. Baddeaux & Bruff.

The third advertisement ran from August 4 to 11, 1855.  Wanted to Borrow!  $5,000 To Make A Sure Bet, that one hundred Daguerreotypes can be taken in one day by Mr. Guay, now over Baddeaux & Bruff’s Store.

William Guay is recorded in in New Orleans, Louisiana in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry from 1856-1861.  John speculates that he possible is the same William Guay who was active in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1855.