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J. F. Tracy

1845                233 Broadway, opposite the Park fountain, New York, New York.

J. F. Tracy was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements.  The announcement appeared in The New York Herald (New York, New York) on April 14, 1845.  The daguerreotype—We had thought that the perfection of this art had been attained, but we find there are still improvements.  Among those we have seen recently were some specimens at Mr. Tracy’s rooms, No. 233 Broadway.  He has taken some portraits which, for life-like beauty and effect, cannot be excelled.  He has, likewise, engaged the services of Mr. Burgess, who formerly occupied rooms at the corner of John and Broadway, and those who wish a picture in his style, which is acknowledged to be superior, will please call soon, as Mr. B. leaves the city in a few days.

The first advertisement ran from April 14 to May 27, 1845 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  Daguerreotype Portraits.  J. F. Tracy has taken Rooms at No. 233 Broadway, up stairs, second floor, where he is executing some of the most beautiful specimens of the Daguerrian Art in this city.  The prices are according to the style and finish, from One To Three Dollars.

Those in want of perfect Pictures are requested to call and examine his specimens.  Mr. T. is happy to announce that he has engaged the professional services of N. G. Bingers [sic.], for a short time, and those who wish Pictures in his peculiar beautiful style would do well to call soon.

Plates, Cases, Chemicals, &c., always on hand, and instructions given in the Art on moderate terms.                                                                                                            

The second advertisement appeared on June 13, 1845 in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York).  Tracy’s Daguerrean Rooms, 233 Broadway, opposite the Park Fountain.  Portraits from $1 to $5, including case—correct Likenesses, and no other delivered.  Instructions in the art—Plates, Chemicals, &c., &c.

J. F. Tracy does not recorded in other photographic directories.  Nathan G. Burgess association with Tracy was previously unknown.