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1856                313 Broadway, New York, New York.[1]

Thompson was recorded in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York) on  January 1, 1856.  In an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number One, New York. The author visited 69 Galleries in New York City.

Thompson, 313 Broadway — This gallery I believe is pretty well known. There is little fault to be found with the pictures, they are sharp, well-developed and clear, three great requisites. The ambrotypes are as good as can be expected from the newness of the process. On the whole I think the public in general will listen to the name of Thompson with different feelings than Mr. Toodle.

Thompson is not listed in other photographic directories.  This is probably Josiah W. Thompson who is listed in 1856 as being at 315 Broadway. 

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.

Joseph W. Thompson

1847                Granite Building, corner Chambers street and Broadway, New York, New York.

Joseph W. Thompson was recorded in one announcement in The New York Herald (New York, New York) on August 17, 1847.  A Bold Thief.—Last evening, some bold thief entered the daguerrean gallery of Mr. Joseph W. Thompson, in the granite building corner of Chambers street and Broadway, and in his absence carried away twelve half-French mahogany chairs, with slats in the backs, and hair seats.  The thief was observed to carry the chairs down stairs, place them on a spring cart. And drive down Chambers street towards the North River.  No clue as yet of the thief.  Where’s the carman?

Joseph W. Thompson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  This is probably Josiah W. Thompson who is recorded in other photographic directories and is listed in the 1847/1848 New York City Directory at 281 Broadway.

J. W. Thompson

1845                Rooms at Mr. Shively’s Hotel, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

J. W. Thompson was recorded in two announcements in the Jefferson Republican (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania).  The first appeared on April 17, 1845.  Daguerreotype Portraits.  Mr. J. W. Thompson, of New York, is now in Stroudsburg, and will remain here for a few days, for the purpose of taking miniatures by the Daguerreotype process.  The same opportunity for families and individuals to supply themselves with their own and their friends likenesses, which is now held out to them, may not be repeated for a long time.  We can, from our own knowledge and observation, recommend Mr. T. as an able and skillful artist, and we hope a liberal encouragement will be extended to him by our citizens.  His rooms are at Mr. Shively’s Hotel.

The second appeared on April 24, 1845.  To the Public.  We have examined several Daguerreotype likenesses, taken during the last week by Mr. J. W. Thompson, and we do not hesitate in saying they are equal, if not superior, to any we ever saw.  In fact we can conceive nothing finer, either as regards the likeness or execution.. Mr. T. makes a pretty picture of a Daguerreotype, which no person who has been in Stroudsburg before has done.  Whoever wishes to transmit his physiognomy to posterity, just as it is, should not leave the present opportunity pass by.  There is no mistake in the daguerreotype.  It tells the truth.  If any one wishes to satisfy himself in this matter, let him call on Mr. T., who will be happy to attend to all request of this nature.  Mr. T. will remain at Mr. Shively’s a week longer.  Now is your time.

J. W. Thompson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  This is probably Josiah W. Thompson, but, at this point it is only speculation.  J. W. or Josiah W. Thompson does not appear in the New York City directories for 1845/1846 or 1844/1845.  Josiah W. Thompson is listed in the NYC directory as a daguerreian in 1846/1847.

Peter G. Clark

1850                Address Unknown, [Boston], Massachusetts.[1]                                                1851                247 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.[2]                                                      1851-1852     36 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.[3]                                                      1852-1854      in San Francisco, California.[4]                                                                          1853                Address Unknown, Boston, Massachusetts.[1]                                                  1854                103 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.[3]                                                    1854-1856      in New York City.[4]                                                                                                1855                158 Bowery, New York, New York.[5]                                                                      1857                Lower Great George Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.[4]  1859-1862      in San Francisco, California.[4]

Peter G. Clark first appeared in the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association Report for September 1850.  He exhibited daguerreotypes at the sixth exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, no award was given.

Reported on December 20, 1851 in The Carpet Bag (Boston, Massachusetts). A Present.—We have received from the artist, Mr. P. G. Clark, No. 247 Washington street, an elegant and faithful likeness of Mrs. H. M. Stephens, of this city, and we take pleasure in exhibiting the treasure to our many visitors. [We have an adjourned promise of the transcript of another fair face from the East—“down east,”—when the “sometimes operator” shall get back.] Of course we are proud of it, and of course we thank the donor, and commend him to the notice of that public which always patronizes those who favor the printers.

Reported in the September 1853 report of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association.  Peter G. Clark exhibited daguerreotypes at the sixth exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association. Award a bronze medal for daguerreotype views of California.

Reported in an advertisement on December 22, 1855 in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York). Handsome Ladies!—Pictures Taken Gratis!—The time fixed for the opening of Barnum’s Gallery Of Beauty has been extended for a short period $20,000 will be expended in Premiums to the 100 handsomest Ladies and for painting their portraits.  Highest prize $1,000.  For particulars see circulars at the Museum.  Daguerreotypes for this Gallery will be taken free of all expense to the sitter, if application be made to them immediately, by all the principal artists in the United States, including the following superior Daguerreotypist in the City of New York.

J. Gurney, No. 489 Broadway; M. M. Lawrence, No. 831 Broadway; S. Root, No. 363 Broadway; Meade Brothers, No. 233 Broadway; R. Anson, No. 589 Broadway; Beckers & Piard, No. 264 Broadway; M. H. Kimball, No. 407 Broadway; J. W. Thompson, No. 315 Broadway, and 182 Fulton-st, Brooklyn; M. Kerston, No. 421 Broadway, cor. of canal; P. Welling, Cor. of Bleecker and Carmine-sts; P. G. Clark, No. 156 Bowery; Jullus Brill, No. 204 Chatham-st; R. A. Lewis, No. 142 Chatham Square.

Peter G. Clark is known see the following publications for more information Pioneer Photographers of the Far West, A Biographical Dictionary 1840-1865Craig’s Daguerreian Registry, A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

The new Information, is the fact that he showed at the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association in 1850 and in 1853, the advertisement in the Carpet Bag newspaper with the 247 Washington Street address, and the December 22, 1855 New York Daily Tribune advertisement with address of 156 Bowery, New York.

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