Joseph W. Thompson

1847                Granite Building, corner Chambers street and Broadway, New York, New York.

Joseph W. Thompson was recorded in one announcement in The New York Herald (New York, New York) on August 17, 1847.  A Bold Thief.—Last evening, some bold thief entered the daguerrean gallery of Mr. Joseph W. Thompson, in the granite building corner of Chambers street and Broadway, and in his absence carried away twelve half-French mahogany chairs, with slats in the backs, and hair seats.  The thief was observed to carry the chairs down stairs, place them on a spring cart. And drive down Chambers street towards the North River.  No clue as yet of the thief.  Where’s the carman?

Joseph W. Thompson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  This is probably Josiah W. Thompson who is recorded in other photographic directories and is listed in the 1847/1848 New York City Directory at 281 Broadway.

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