Milo Thompson

1852                Clinton Block, Lansingburgh, New York.

1853                State and Grove Streets, Lansingburgh, New York.

Milo Thompson was recorded in two announcements in the Lansingburgh Democrat  (Lansingburgh, New York). The first appeared on October 28, 1852.  Fire.—About 3 o’clock on Friday morning last, a fire was discovered in the Clinton Block of buildings, which before it was extinguished did a large amount of damage.  It broke out in the Saddlery establishment of Mr. Samuel Crabb, from which it extended south to the law office of Mr. I. Ransom, the Daguerrean establishment of Mr. Thompson…

The second announcement appeared on February 10, 1853.  Milo Thompson, of this village, has fitted up a Daguerrean Saloon, on wheels, and furnished it with all the necessary appendages, sky-light, &c., for the prosecution of that business.  It is a very neat affair, and can be seen at the corner of State and Grove streets.

Milo Thompson is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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