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Charles A. Seely

1855                324 Broadway, New York, New York.

1856                387 Broadway, New York, New York.

1856-1857       94 Duane Street, New York, New York.

1857-1859       424 Broadway, New York, New York.

Charles A. Seely was recorded in eighteen advertisements in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  The first advertisement appeared on August 29, 1855.  Daguerrean Gallery For Sale—At A Lower price and with a cheaper rent than any in the city, or the apparatus will be sold low by itself, or a partner, with $300, will be taken, by an artist in photography, ambrotypes, &c.; also, a small lathe for sale cheap.  Inquire of C. A. Seely, 324 Broadway.

The second advertisement appeared on January 3, 1856.  For Sale At A Bargain—The Apparatus Of the original stereoscopic daguerrean gallery of New York, including two superior half size Harrison cameras, with every thing peculiar to the business, with instructions, for plate and glass pictures, if desired.  Inquire of C. A. Seely, 324 Broadway.

The third advertisement appeared on March 17, 1856. Daguerreotypes, in Cases, 25 Cents; Ambrotypes extra large size 50 Cents, cases included. Charles A. Seely, photographic chemist, is connected with this establishment from this date. Quinby & Co., Factory 387 Broadway.

The fourth advertisement appeared on November 29, 1856. $700.–One Of The Oldest Established Daguerreotype gallery in the busiest parts of the city, well furnished and stocked with large size apparatus, and now doing a good business; the rent is very low. Apply to Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemist, &c., 94 Duane street.

The fifth advertisement appeared on May 5, 1857.  Seely & Garbanati, Photographic Chemicals, &c., have removed to 424 Broadway.  Amateurs supplies in all their wants.

The sixth ad appeared on September 19, 1857.  Ambrotype Gallery For Sale—At A Bargain. In a good location for business, will be sold at a sacrifice, as the present owner has other business.  Apply immediately to Seely & Garbinatti, photographic chemicals, 424 Broadway.

The seventh ad appeared on December 11, 1857.  $200—For Sale, An Old Established Ambrotype and Photographic Gallery, Apply to Seely & Garbanati, 424 Broadway.

The eighth ad appeared on January 22, 1858.  Daguerrean Gallery.—For Sale, The Lease of an old established daguerrean gallery, with instruments, furniture, and everything necessary for all branches of the business.  Inquire of Seely & Garbanati, Photographic Chemists, 424 Broadway.

The ninth ad appeared on March 24, 1858.  Ambrotype Gallery For Sale—Price $70 cash.  The reason for selling is the owner is going into another business.  Apply to Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemist, 424 Broadway.

The tenth ad appeared on April 7, 1858.  Ambrotype And Photograph Gallery In Broadway.—Authenticated profits upwards of $75 per week.  Price $1,500; $1,000 down.  The above is well furnished and stocked, and is a rare bargain.  Apply to Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemists, 424 Broadway.  An lease on the gallery.

The eleventh ad appearedonMay 22, 1858.  Ambrotype, Photograph And Daguerreotype Gallery.—For sale, the lease, stock and fixtures, and everything pertaining to the art, now doing a good business.  Apply to Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemists, 424 Broadway.

The twelfth adappeared onJune 2, 1858.  For Sale Cheap—A Broadway Daguerrean establishment, thoroughly fitted and furnished, and replete with every accessory for the art. The most satisfactory reason giving for selling.  Apply to Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemist, 424 Broadway.

The thirteenth ad appearedonAugust 17, 1858.  Ambrotypes For Sale—A Well Fitted Up gallery on Broadway, doing a good business, the owners  being engaged in another establishment, will dispose of the above at the lowest price of $175.  Inquire of Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemists, 424 Broadway.

The fourteenth advertisement appeared on August 25, 1858.  Ambrotypes.—For Sale A Well Furnished ambrotype gallery on Broadway, doing an excellent business; the owner being engaged in another business, will sell the gallery for the low price of $175.  Inquire of Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemist, 424 Broadway, New York.

The fifteenth advertisement appeared on April 27, 1859.  To Photographists.—Wanted To Purchase, An interest in, or whole of a first class photographic gallery on Broadway, not above Union square.  Inquire of Seely & Garbanati, 424 Broadway.

The sixteenth advertisement appeared on May 25, 1859.  $1,000 To $50,000—A Valuable Patent, In demand everywhere, for sale by Seely & Garbanati, Photographic Chemists, 424 Broadway.

The seventeenth advertisement appeared on June 29.  Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Photographs, &c. copied, enlarged and colored in all styles of the art at moderate prices, by Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemists and publishers, 424 Broadway, Stereoscopic pictures wholesale.

The eighteenth ad appeared on September 5, 1859.  Photographic Engraving.—Patent Rights for sale, engraving done at moderate rates, by Seely & Garbanati, photographic chemists, 424 Broadway.  A complete set of apparatus, chemicals, &c., for taking pictures on glass and paper, for $30.  The American Journal of Photography, semi-monthly, $1.50 per annum; The Ambrotype, price 25 cents; Hardwick’s Photographic Chemistry, 50 cents; Sir David Brewster on the Stereoscope, $1, will soon be out.

Charles A. Seely, Henry Garbanati and Charles J. Quinby are all recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  Seely was recorded in Craig’s as being active in New York between 1857-1860.  It appears that he was active in New York City before the advertisement on August 29, 1855. The partnership of Seely & Garbanati began in 1856 at 94 Duane street, before moving to 424 Broadway.  The other interesting item from all the advertisements is that they were unable to sell the gallery and that they were all over the place with the sale price.  It is also possible that their main focus was the manufacturing of photographic chemicals and not the image side of the business.

Louis Beckers

Louis Beckers is recorded in an advertisement in the Delaware Gazette (Delhi, New York) on April 7, 1847, in the partnership of Langenheim & Beckers, No. 201 Broadway, New York. They are the sole agency for the sale of Voiglander’s Daguerreotype Instruments and L. Beckers’ Chemicals.

Louis Becker is list in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being in Philadelphia but not in New York or in the partnership with the Langenheim Brothers.