Parker C. Purviance

1856-1859       At his residence on 2nd Street, one door South of Merrell and Carter’s Tin-                                       ware establishment Clearfield, Pennsylvania.                                                          1859                   Corner of Second and Cherry Streets, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

Parker C. Purviance is recorded in three announcements and four advertisements in the Raftsman’s Journal (Clearfield, Pennsylvania).  The first announcement appeared on June 18, 1856.  Ambrotypes.—By reference to card of P. C. Purviance, it will be seen that he is now prepared to take Ambrotype Likenesses, as well as Daguerrean.  We have seen several of his pictures, and would say that they are, truly, most magnificent.  Persons desirous of having a good likeness of themselves, or friends, can procure the desired object, by calling at Mr. Purviance’s Gallery at his residence, on 2d street.

The first advertisement ran from June 18 to December 3, 1856.  P. C. Purviance, Ambrotypist and Daguerreotypist, Clearfield, PA.

Gallery at his residence on 2d Street, one door South of Merrell and Carter’s Tin-ware establishment.

The second advertisement ran from December 10, 1856 to June 15, 1859.  Ambrotypes.—P. C. Purviance, Professor of Photographic Chemistry.  Gallery at his residence on 2d Street, one door South of Merrell & Carter’s Tin-ware establishment, Clearfield, Pa.  Days of operation:  Friday and Saturday of each week.

The second announcement appeared on March 10, 1858.  Those who wish to secure a truthful likeness on glass, (i. e. an ambrotype,) would do well to call at Purviance’s Photographic Gallery, on 2d st., as he is now supplied with good chemicals, &c.  His terms are cheap and accommodating; he never charges unless the picture is satisfactory.  Remember the place: 2d St., next door to Merrell & Carter’s Iron and Tin-ware establishment.

The third announcement appeared on June 15, 1859.  We direct attention to the new Photographic Gallery of Mr. Purviance on the corner of Second and Cherry street—otherwise designated by the sign of the Red Flag—where the constant attention of Mr. P. is devoted to the business.  We are authorized to say that life-like and beautiful Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Niellotypes, &c. are taken at this Gallery at very low prices, and entire satisfaction given to customers.

The third advertisement appeared on June 22, 1859.  Ambrotypes For 15 Cents.—The subscriber has opened a new Picture Gallery on the corner of Second and Cherry streets, Clearfield, at the sign of the Red Flag, to which he devoted his whole attention, and where Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Ferrotypes, Stereoscopes, Nielloyypes, and in fact all varieties of Photographs on Glass, Iron and paper are taken and put up in a superior manner.  Don’t trust his word, but call and examine his specimens, and judge for yourselves.  Being connected with one of the leading Galleries of Pittsburgh, he will be constantly in the receipt of every new and variety of Sun-Light pictures together with such aid and such information as will enable him to produce the most Life-Like and best toned specimens of the Art.  In order that all may have an opportunity of procuring copies of their faces he has determined to be reasonable as to prices; 15 cents and upwards according to size, fixtures and case.  Remember the place, the sign of the Red Flag, corner Second and Cherry streets, directly opposite Judge Moore’s.  Parker C. Purviance.

The fourth advertisement ran from August 3 to December 21, 1859.  P. C. Purviance, Ambrotypist, corner of 2d and Cherry streets, Clearfield, Pa.

Parker C. Purviance is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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