Lemuel H. Purnell

1852-1853       159 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lemuel H. Purnell was recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 17, 1852 to July 16, 1853 in the Sunbury American (Sunbury, Pennsylvania).  Van Loan Daguerrean Gallery, 159 Chestnut Street, At this celebrated establishment you can always procure the newest and most improved styles of Daguerreotype & Talbotype Portraits, at 50 to 100 per ct. less cost than such pictures can be had for elsewhere.

Now that you can secure such perfect portraits of your loved ones at a mere nominal cost, don’t delay—lest you lose them.

Every Variety of fancy cases, frames, &c., on hand or furnished to order, and every picture made satisfactory and warranted to be in the best style of the art or No Charge.  Call and see us at 159 Chestnut st.  L. H, Purnell.  Philadelphia July 17, 1852.

Lemuel H. Purnell is recorded in other photographic directories as only being active in 1853.

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