William T. Purviance

1854                2nd Street, two doors North of Powell & Co.’s. Store, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. 1854-1855     Graham’s Row, two doors east of the Journal office, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. 1856                Rooms at the Town Hall, Curwensville, Pennsylvania.                                                    1858                Address Unknown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.                                                                    1858                Address Unknown, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.                                                                    1859                Address Unknown, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

William T. Purviance was recorded in five advertisements and three announcements.  The first six entries are from the Raftsman’s Journal (Clearfield, Pennsylvania).  The last two entries are from the Clearfield Republican (Clearfield, Pennsylvania).  The first advertisement ran from August 23 to November 15, 1854.  “Secure the shadow, ‘ere the substance fades,” and call at Purviance’s Daguerrean Gallery on 2nd st., two doors north of Powell & Co.’s. Store.

The second advertisement ran from August 23 to November 22, 1854.  Business Item:  Purviance’s Daguerreotype Gallery, Second St., 2 doors north of the Powell & Co.’s. Store, Clearfield, Pa.

The third advertisement ran from December 13, 1854 to January 10, 1855.  Removed:—Purviance’s Daguerrean Gallery to Graham’s Row, two doors east of the Journal office, up stairs.  He will be happy to see his friends, and furnish them vivid, life-like pictures.  Give him a call.

The first announcement appeared on June 4, 1856.  Ambrotypes.—By an advertisement in today’s Journal, it will be seen the Mr. W. T. Purviance is at present engaged in taking ambrotype likenesses.  There is one quality about these likenesses that is preferable to the daguerreotypes—and that is, they cannot be easily destroyed.  A visit to Mr. P’s rooms will well repay any one who may be desirous of having likenesses taken.  We would state that Mr. Purviance is a good artist, and will undoubtedly render satisfaction.

The fourth advertisement ran from June 4 to 11, 1856.  Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, &c.  Mr. W. T. Purviance, Photographist, begs leave to announce to the citizens of Curwensville and vicinity, that he has opened Ambrotype Rooms at the Town Hall in Curwensville where he will be happy to receive the calls of Ladies and gentlemen, whether they wish pictures or not.  The Ambrotype may be regarded as the ne plus ultra of the photographic art, and is rapidly superseding every other style of picture wherever introduced.—Its brilliancy of tone, beauty of finish, delicacy of expression, and deep luster of drapery, have won for it the highest encomiums of the people and press everywhere.  Combining the highest artistic beauty with absolutely Unfading Durability! It must take the place of all other processes.  It is also worthy of mention that Mr. Purviance does not reverse his pictures.

Landscapes, Views of residences, &c., taken in the highest style of the art.  Paintings, Daguerreotypes, and engravings beautifully copied at reasonable prices.  Small children taken by an Instantaneous Process, with unerring certainty and accuracy.  Ambrotypes beautifully colored if desired.  No difference on account of dark or cloudy weather.  Please call soon, as I shall be able to remain but a week or ten days.

The second announcement appeared on June 11, 1856.  Ambrotypes.—The attention of the citizens of Curwensville and vicinity is directed to the advertisement of Mr. W. T. Purviance in today’s Journal.  Mr. P. is a good artist and has rendered entire satisfaction here.  The ambrotype is a much more desirable picture than the Daguerreotype, for the reason that it is more clear and distinct, and possesses the quality of “unfading durability.”

The fifth advertisement ran from August 18 to September 29, 1858 in the Clearfield Republican (Clearfield, Pennsylvania).  Wm. T. Purviance, Ambrotypist And Photographic Artist of Pittsburgh, Will visit Clearfield on a professional tour, on or about the 15th of September next, where he will remain a short time.  Those who wish to get Ambrotypes, or other Photographs, taken in the best style of the art, will than have an opportunity of indulging their taste.  Mr. Purviance brings with him the experience of many years close application to this beautiful art, in and about the City, and all the improvements which have been introduced.  He therefore flatters himself that he will be able to give the most ample satisfaction to those who may give him a professional call.

The third announcement appeared on February 16, 1859 in the Clearfield Republican (Clearfield, Pennsylvania).  Artistic.—We are requested to state that Purviance, our old artistic friend and fellow citizen, has again come to life and revived his business as an ambrotypist.  He has procured fresh chemicals, and new stock, and is now producing, we are informed, brilliant and life-like specimens of the photographic art.  He engages to give entire satisfaction in regard to work and prices.

William T. Purviance is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Pittsburgh from 1857-1863.

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