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1856                251 Broadway, New York, New York.[1]

Watson was recorded in the Photographic and fine Arts Journal (New York, New York) on   January 1, 1856 in an article entitled the Photographic Galleries of America.  Number One, New York. The author visited 69 Galleries in New York City.

Watson’s, formerly Plumb’s — Most of the specimens I believe were taken by Plumb. There was therefore little to judge from. I believe, however, this artist possesses merit.

Watson is recorded in other photographic directories but is recorded here because of the first hand account of his work.    

[1] Not all first names or complete addresses were recorded in article.   Craig’s Daguerreian Registry was used to assist in identification when possible first name and address were added.


1847                192 Broadway, corner of John Street, New York, New York.

Watson was recorded in one advertisement that ran from September 23 to 29, 1847 in the New York Daily Tribune (New York, New York).   Daguerreotype.  Voightlander’s tubes of all sizes; plates, cases, chemicals, and apparatus of superior quality for sale at Watson’s Daguerreotype Depot, 192 Broadway, corner of John st.

Mr. W. has recently made some great improvements of the art, by which likenesses are produced unsurpassed in this or any other country.

Watson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Having looked at the1846/1847; 1847/1848 and the 1848/1849 New York City Directories no listing for Watson as a daguerreotypist, supplier of daguerreotype materials appeared, nor did the 192 Broadway address appear or anything close to the address as a business or residence.


1858                Rooms Over the Drug Store, Glasgow, Missouri.

Watson was recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 3 to 10, 1858 in the Glasgow Weekly Times (Glasgow, Missouri).  Over The Drug Store. 

Dwellers in Glasgow! How little you know

The power of thy arts, whose glories I sing,

For they’re wafted to all, by breezes that blow,

From perennial lands of soft gentle spring,

For the Goddess of science has stopped in her flight

To deposit with us a gifted fair and bright!

And what do you think her majesty gave?

The “Camera Tube” that picture the brave,

The young or the old, the lovely and fair,

Oh really good gracious what a blessing it are.

Daguerreotypes Bright,

And Photographs right,

That index the face as truly as life:

With Ambrotypes new,

So faithful and true,

To picture the husband, son, daughter and wife.

Secure the shadow, ere the substance fade,

For time will cast o’er all a deeper shade,

And life-like ties soon be broken,

And farewell words yet to be spoken.

Now Watson’s Rooms are just the place,

To get a copy of your face;

They keep all right forever

And ne’er will dim, no never!

Come and see—

The sight is free!

Call All, At Watson’s.

Watson is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Glasgow, Missouri. 

Lathrop & Watson

1848-1849       37 Owego Street, Ithaca, New York.

Lathrop & Watson appeared in one advertisement that ran from August 9, 1848 to March 14, 1849 in the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (Ithaca, New York).  Daguerreotypes At No. 37, Owego St.  Likenesses can be had of all sizes in a new and improved style, and on the most reasonable terms.—Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens and sit for their Likeness, if they choose, by way of experiments, free of charge.  Instructions given in the latest improvements in the art-Chemicals, Apparatus, &c. furnished on the most liberal terms. Lathrop & Watson.

Lathrop & Watson (first names are unknown) but they are mentioned in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry under Milton S. Lathrop as the partnership of Milton & Lathrop (?) with the note “this is probably an error”.  I believe that the Lathrop is probably Milton S. Lathrop and Watson is unknown at this time.