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T. E. Richardson

1852                Room in the House of Mr. Joshua Parish, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

T. E. Richardson was recorded in one announcement in The Mountain Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania) on August 5, 1852.  A thing of Beauty is said to be a joy forever; if so, those Daguerreotypes taken by Mr. T. E. Richardson are illustrations of the truth of the above saying.  He has a room in the house of Mr. Joshua A. Parish where he will be pleased to take your visage at the low price of a dollar.  Call on him.

T. E. Richardson is not recorded in other photographic directories.

E. R. Lewis

1859                Rooms above Evans & Son’s store, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

E. R. Lewis was recorded in two announcements in The Alleghanian (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania). The first announcement appeared on October 20, 1859. Personal Mention.—E. R. Lewis, the well-known Daguerrean Artist, was in town with his picture-taking apparatus, during the continuance of the Fair.  He was overwhelmed with work during his entire stay.  The people up here appreciate good artist, and he is one.

The second announcement appeared on December 8, 1859.  Daguerrean Artist.—E. R. Lewis, the celebrated artist, is in town.  Those who are disposed to “secure the shadow ere the substance fades,” should certainly give him a call, as he has carved for himself the reputation of being the best “picture-taker” in the county.  He can be consulted, for this week only, at his rooms, above Evans & Son’s store.

E. R. Lewis is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900 does list an E. R. Lewis as being active in Pittston, Pennsylvania in 1861-1862, but it’s unknown if they are the same person.

A. Lane

1857                Address Unknown, Fair Ground, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

A. Lane was recorded in one advertisement which ran from September 30 to October 7, 1857 in the Democrat and Sentinel  (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania).  Ho! This Way!!  A. Lane would respectfully inform the citizens of Ebensburg and surrounding vicinity that he will visit this place on the 1st day of the Fair and remain a few days for the purpose of taking

Photographic Pictures.  These splendid photographic impressions have never been taken in Ebensburg, and are now introduced for the first time.  It is believed that the merits of this style of likenesses when fully known, will be generally appreciated.  The impression is first taken upon glass and then transferred to paper.  Copies can thus be multiplied almost indefinitely.  These pictures are warranted never to fade.

Melainotypes.   These pictures are not surpassed in richness of tone, warmth of expression and boldness of feature.  For durability there is no question of their superiority.  They may be exposed to a burning sun, to rain or frost, without injury or the least perceptible change.  They may be washed off when solid, and handled without the face being marred.  The pictures are taken on Sheet-Iron prepared expressly for the purpose.  Patent Right secured.  For Lockets and Rings they have no superior.

Ambrographs.  He also takes pictures on Paper, which can be sent safely by mail to any part of the globe with little or no additional postage over that of a common letter.  Who has not in some far distance land, a dear friend who would not hail with pleasure such a memorial.

Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes also taken by him in a style not to be surpassed.   Daguerreotypes, Engravings, &c., copied by either of the above processes at moderate rates.—Persons taken after decease.  Instruction given in the Art.  He has a large assortment of rare and beautiful styles of Cases.  Pictures inserted in Lockets, Breast-Pins, Finger Rings, &c., in the best manner.  Please call and examine specimens.

A Lane is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania in 1857.  An A. Lane is recorded in Directory of Pennsylvania Photographers 1839-1900 & Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Pittsburgh in 1859-1860.  It is possible they are the same person, but there is no records to connect them.

W. J. Cunningham

1859                Address Unknown, Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

W. J. Cunningham was listed in an announcement on December 7, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania). By reference to our advertising column it will be seen that Mr. W. J. Cunningham has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon.” Persons wishing to have a good Ambrotype Likeness taken will do well to give him a call.  His charges are moderate, and his pictures good.

The advertisement ran from December 7 to 21, 1859 in the Democrat and Sentinel (Ebensburg, Pennsylvania).  Arrival of the “Big Wagon!”  W. J. Cunningham would respectfully inform the citizens of Ebensburg and vicinity, that he has arrived in town with his “Big Wagon” where he is prepared to take Ambrotype Likenesses in the best manner and on the latest improved styles.  Call and have a picture taken while the “Wagon” is here.  His charges will be low.

W. J. Cunningham is not listed in other photographic directories.