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James Knox

1858                Market Street, Cadiz, Ohio.

James Knox was recorded in an announcement and two advertisements in The Cadiz Democratic Sentinel (Cadiz, Ohio).  The announcement ran on April 14, 1858.  Ambrotypes and Photographs.  James Knox at his Ambrotype Car on Market Street, is taking some of the finest Pictures ever seen in this place.  Call soon, and get your Picture taken.  Prices range from fifty cents to ten dollars.

The first advertisement ran on April 14 & 21, 1858.  Large Pictures.  James Knox Is now prepared to take Pictures, full size, in the latest and most approved manner, at his Ambrotype Car, Cadiz, Ohio.  Call soon and get your full sized Pictures taken.

The second advertisement ran on June 9 & 16, 1858.  Large Pictures.  James Knox is prepared to take full sized Photographs and Ambrotypes, in the latest and most approved style, at reasonable prices.

He will also take small pictures on paper suitable for sending away, for 25 cents.—Call soon, as he will leave in a few days.

James Knox is not listed in other photographic directories.

J. P. Johnson

1851                Cadiz Hotel, Cadiz, Ohio.

J. P. Johnson 1851 was recorded in an advertisement and an announcement in The Democratic Sentinel and Harrison County Farmer (Cadiz, Ohio). The advertisement ran from August 6 to 27, 1851.

Look down, ye seraphs from the Sun                                                                                                                And see the wonders we have done!                                                                                                            We talk by lightning, ride by steam,                                                                                                              And paint by Sol’s eternal beam!

J. P. Johnson, Daguerrean Artist, Would respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Cadiz and vicinity, that he has taken rooms at the Cadiz Hotel, where he is prepared to take pictures in the latest and most approved style. Mr. J. has taken lessons of some of the best Daguerreotypist in the United States. He Therefore flatters himself that he can produce better pictures than have ever been taken heretofore in this part of the State.  Ladies and Gentlemen will please call and examine specimens.

The announcement appeared on September 10, 1851.  “Secure the Shadow, ere the substance fades.”  This is the advice that is good, and should be adopted by every one who has a wife, sister, father, mother, husband, brother, or child.—Death is at all times stalking abroad, and ere we are aware of it, a near and dear friend is stricken down.  And under such circumstance, do we not highly prize a gift or memento left by them.  But is not a picture, taken by some master hand, and displaying with truth and fervency the face of those whose memory we love to cherish.  J. P. Johnson, is one that can give you a correct daguerreotype likeness of the human face divine, and if any of our citizens wish to avail themselves of his skill, now is the time to do so, as he intends leaving town in a few days.  He may be found at the Cadiz Hotel, where specimens may be seen.

J. P. Johnson is not recorded in other photographic directories.

J. E. Davidson

1854                Unknown Location, Cadiz, Ohio.

J. E. Davidson was recorded in an advertisement that ran on March 8 to April 5, 1854 in The Cadiz Democratic Sentinel (Cadiz, Ohio). Card to the Public. J. E. Davidson, takes this occasion to inform his friends, that he will return to Cadiz on the First of April, when he will open his well furnished Daguerrean Car, and be ready to take pictures in his well known superior style.  Those of his friends wishing to procure pictures, see his fine specimens or make a friendly call, will be well received with the greatest pleasure.

J. E. Davidson is not recorded in other photographic directories.