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S. T. Munson

1842-1843       Room No. 5 at the Blewett House, Third Floor, Cadiz, Ohio.                                1843                   Address Unknown, Aberdeen, Ohio

S. T. Munson was recorded in one advertisement and two announcements in The Democratic Sentinel and Harrison County Farmer (Cadiz, Ohio). The advertisement ran from March 30 to April 20, 1843. Daguerreotype Portraits. Splendid Daguerreotype Portraits taken by S. T. Munson, at the Blewett House.  Room No. 5 on the third floor; these pictures are like life, and can not be removed; prices 6 and 8 dollars, according to the size, hours from 10 A. M, to 4 P. M.  March 23d, 1842

The first announcement appeared on April 20, 1843.  Mr. Munson is still at the Blewett house taking Daguerreotype Portraits.  His likenesses, are perfectly accurate, and it depends upon the faces entirely, whether they are handsome or not.  They nothing extenuate nor do they set down aught in malice, but such as nature made them they are delineated.

The second announcement appeared on May 18, 1843.  Mr. S. T. Munson the Daguerreotype operator, will be absent for some ten or twelve days on a professional visit to Aberdeen, when he will again return to our city, and for a few days only will tender his professional services to the citizens of this place, we must cordially recommend Mr. Munson as a skillful operator, his executions are not surpassed, and we will add, not equaled by anything of the kind that we have ever seen.  Those who wish to obtain a perfect and indelible likeness of themselves or their families, will do well to favor him with a call.—Communicated.

S. T. Munson is not listed in other photographic directories.