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Dr. D. D. Dutton

1854                Address Unknown, Fairfield, Indiana.                                                                1855                In Front of Indiana American Office, Brookville, Indiana.                                      1856                West End of the Market House, Brookville, Indiana.                                      1856                Address Unknown, Metamora, Indiana.

Dr. D. D. Dutton was recorded in seven announcements in the Indiana American (Brookville, Indiana).  The first announcement appeared on March 3, 1854.  The people of Fairfield, and vicinity who have pretty faces would do well to give Dr. Dutton a call, who will spend two weeks there with his shadow catcher.  He takes pretty pictures from pretty faces, but the apparatus for taking pretty faces from ugly faces has not yet arrived.

The second announcement appeared on March 31, 1854.  Fairfield, Ind….We found Dr. Dutton on the second story, and we heard out side that the Dr. is likely to prove some remarks we made about him a few weeks ago, not exactly true, for they say he has made some powerful pretty pictures out of rather common material.

The third announcement appeared on October 13, 1854.  List Of Premiums Awarded At The Third Annual Fair Of The Franklin County Agricultural Society, Held in Brookville, In September Last…Class XVI—Unnumbered Articles….Dr. D. D. Dutton, Box of Daguerreotypes  $1.00.

The fourth announcement appeared on November 9, 1855.              Admittance Free.—Dr. Dutton charges nothing for admittance into his show wagon that graces the front of our office.  He only charges for the pictures he takes.

The fifth announcement appeared on March 14, 1856.  Ambrotyping.—Dr. Dutton [has] qualified himself for catching the pictures of good looking people according to the latest style, called Ambrotyping, which is said to be, in every respect, superior to the old fashion.  He will be found in his “Car,” west end of the Market House, for some four of five weeks, then he will start his Car to accommodate other people.

The sixth announcement appeared on April 18, 1856.  Persons who want a picture had better be in something of a hurry, as Dr. Dutton intends leaving soon.  He has just received some new material.

The seventh announcement appeared on May 2, 1856.  Dr. Dutton expects to move his picture car next Monday.  He will spend three days next week near Samuel Logan’s, and then go to Metamora in quest of Pretty People.  If you want pictures, call this week.

Dr. D. D. Dutton is not recorded in other photographic directories.

L. D. Chafee

1856-1859       Haile’s Building, third Story, Brookville, Indiana.

L. D. Chafee was recorded in three advertisement in the Brookville, Indiana newspapers. The first was in the Indiana American on December 19, 1856 and ran until October 23, 1857. Picture Taking.  The Undersigned Wishes To Inform the public, and particularly those who want good looking pictures, that his Gallery, in the 3d story of Haile’s building, is open in fair and cloudy weather, and he guarantees good pictures.—Call and see the pictures of some of the best looking citizens of this place.

The second advertisement appeared on January 30, 1857 in the Indiana American.  If you have not got a copy of your pretty face, it is either because you hav’nt got a pretty face, or because you hav’nt taken a “sit” in Chafee’s Gallery, in Haile’s Building.

The third advertisement ran on February 19, 1858 to February 11, 1859 in the Brookville American (Brookville Indiana.)  How To Get A Wife!  Call at Chafee’s Picture Gallery In Halie’s Building, third story and get a picture taken—show it to your lady-friend—everybody knows that Chafee takes the most perfect and beautiful pictures of course, one of the will admire it, and by a certain hocus pocus you may have occasion to spend 50 cents or a dollar with the “Brookville American,” the price of a marriage notice.                     feb5’58.

L. D. Chafee does not appear in other photographic directories.