W. M. Lowry

1857                33 West Washington Street, over pope’s Drug Store, Brookville, Indiana.

W. M. Lowry was recorded in one announcement that appeared on December 25, 1857 in the Indiana American (Brookville, Indiana). Who Would Have Thought That the Excelsior Sky-Light Picture Gallery would have met with such encouraging and unparalleled success? It is even so, from the fact that Lowry always gives the most perfect satisfaction to his customers, by executing Likenesses Superior to any in the city, and just as cheap as the cheapest.

A large, fine, and varied assortment of Frames, Cases. Lockets, Breastpins, &c., &c., on hand at all times.  Instructions given on reasonable terms, and Apparatus and Stock generally furnished at lowest figures.  Bear in mind, if you want a superb Likeness, call on Lowery, No. 33 West Washington Street, over Pop’s Drug Store, second floor.  Examine specimens.  Rooms free.  W. M. Lowry.

W. M. Lowry is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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