W. H. Phares

1859               Address Unknown, Red Wing, Minnesota.

W. H. Phares was recorded in two announcements and one advertisement that appeared in the Red Wing Sentinel (Red Wing, Minnesota).  The first announcement ran on August 20, 1859.  “A Thing of Beauty Is a joy forever,” and some things that are not beautiful, are rendered so by the magic skill of Mr. W. H. Phares, an experienced artist, who has taken for a short time the rooms formerly occupied by Mr. Going, where he is prepared to execute in the highest style of the art, Ambrotypes, Sphereotypes, Melaineotypes and Photographs, at prices which cannot fail to give satisfaction.  If you have a father, mother, sister. brother or dear friend, whom you love, and whose image you wish to preserve, now is the time to “secure the shadow ere the substance fades.”  Mr. Phares will remain in town about a week longer.

The advertisement ran from August 20 to 27, 1859.  Premium Ambrotypes and Photographs.  W. H. Phares, Respectfully informs the citizens of Red Wing and vicinity, that he has taken Mr. Going’s rooms for two weeks, where he will put up his inimitable Life Like Pictures!  for those who will favor him with their patronage.  Pictures Taken In All Kinds Of Weather—of adults from 8 A. M., to 5 P. M., of Children, from 10 A. M. till 2 o’clock, clear weather.

They are all warranted not to change.—Please call and examine specimens.  W. H. Phares, Artist.

The second announcement appeared on August 27, 1859.  The Last Chance.  Remember the Mr. Phares will remain in Red Wing but three or four days longer, during which time he will be happy to furnish his inimitable life-like pictures to all who wish them.  Don’t neglect this opportunity, you may not get another very soon.  Mr. Phares is a good artist—a merit which all daguerreans claim, but one which few are entitled to.  His rooms are those formerly occupied by Mr. Going.

W. H. Phares is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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