Mr. Pettis

1856                Mr. Shadbolt’s New Building, Main Street, Huntington, New York.

Mr. Pettis was mentioned in one advertisement that appeared on July 25, 1856 in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York).  Mr. Mayo at Huntington again.  Mr. Mayo the Daguerreotypist, is at Huntington again, and has taken rooms at Mr. Shadbolt’s new building, in Main street.  He has also employed Mr. Pettis to assist him, and is now prepared to take Ambrotypes also, which are in many respects far superior to the Daguerreotypes.  We advise all who want a picture to call soon and see his specimens, and then we have no doubt they will sit for their own.  Call soon, as his stay is to be limited, having other engagements.

The identity to Mr. Pettis is unknown it is possible that he could be J. R. Pettis; John A. Pettis or Byron C. Pettis who were all active in Brooklyn, and recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  But without further information he remains unknown.

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