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S. Webster Wyman

1858                Kelley’s Block, opposite the Central House, Woburn, Massachusetts.

1860                Address Unknown, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1865                Address Unknown, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1867                Main Street, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1868                Kelley’s Building, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

1869                Address Unknown, Woburn, Massachusetts.[1]

S. Webster Wyman was recorded in two advertisements.  The first advertisement was recorded in the Middlesex Journal (Woburn, Massachusetts) on March 20, 1858.  Wyman’s Ambrotype, Melainotype And Daguerreotype Rooms, Kelly’s Block, Woburn.

Particular attention given to copying pictures.  Woburn, March 5, 1858.

The second advertisement was recorded in theWoburn Budget (Woburn, Massachusetts) on July 2, 1858.  Wyman’s Ambrotype Rooms, Kelley’s Block, opposite the Central House, Woburn.

Call and see specimens!  Rooms cool and airy.  Prices low, and satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.

Now Is The Time To Call!  S. Webster Wyman, Artist in Ambrotypes and Daguerreotype.  June 11.

S. Webster Wyman is recorded in other photographic directories from 1860-1869. 

[1] A Directory Of Massachusetts Photographers 1839-1900.

Dr. Reynolds

ND                  96 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.                                                              1852               Near the Common, Woburn, Massachusetts.

Dr. Reynolds was recorded in one announcement that appeared on April 10, 1852 in the Woburn Journal (Woburn, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes.  We have received from a friend the following complimentary notice of the manager of the Daguerreotype Saloon now in town and from our observations are sure that our correspondent is correct as to the quality of pictures taken, as well as the reasonable price charged.

Now is an excellent opportunity to have a likenesses taken, thus saving the trouble and expense of a journey to Boston, and at the same time feeling assured that you will get just as good a picture of Dr. Reynolds as of any of the Boston operators, at one half the expense

Boston, March 29th, 1852.                                                                                                                                      Mr. Editor.— Being called to your thriving village on a matter of business last week, I noticed the Daguerreotype Saloon of Mr. B. P. Batchelder, near the Common.  I desire to say a brief word in relation to the merits of the “Operator” Dr. Reynolds, whose services the proprietors have secured.  The Dr. has been a very successful assistant of the world famed Whipple of this city, whose success in this wonderful art is almost marvelous.  Dr. Reynolds is no pretender but an educated practical chemist, and the inhabitants of Woburn can now rely upon receiving as perfect a picture at their own doors, as they can possibly obtain by a journey to Boston, and at about one half the price.  Families desiring groups, or the pictures of their little ones will find this an opportunity which will not again soon occur.  Knowing what I here state to be entirely correct, I hope that the Dr. will receive the patronage he so well merits.  R.

Dr. Reynolds is not recorded in other photographic directories.

D. B. Lovejoy

1852                Main Street near the Post Office, Woburn, Massachusetts.

D. B. Lovejoy was recorded in an advertisement and an announcement in the Woburn Journal (Woburn, Massachusetts). The advertisement ran from August 14 to September 4, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.  D. B. Lovejoy, daguerrian Artist, Saloon, near the Post Office, Main Street.

The announcement appeared on August 21, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.—Our citizens are reminded that good, life-like pictures can be had now, very conveniently, at the “saloon.”

D.B. Lovejoy is not listed in other photographic directories.