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L. T. Tew

1855                Rooms in the County House, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

1855                Room on Sarah Street, a few doors east of the Presbyterian Church, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

1858-1859       Rooms near the Court House, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

L. T. Tew was recorded in two announcements and one advertisement in the Jeffersonian (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania).  The first announcement appeared on January 18, 1855.  Mr. L. T. Tew, Daguerrean Artist, who is well and favorably known to many of our citizens, as a successful and skillful operator in Daguerreotyping, has fitted up the room on the second floor, in the County House, and is fully prepared to accommodate all who may wish a true and life-like picture of themselves or friends.

Having seen a number of pictures taken by Mr. T., and which are equally as correct as any produced in New York or Philadelphia, we deem it an act of justice to call the attention of our citizens to the opportunity they now have of getting their likeness taken.

The second announcement appeared on November 22, 1855.  Good News.  Daguerreotyping.  Mr. Tew would inform the inhabitants of Stroudsburg and vicinity, that he has returned and opened a room, on Sarah street, a few doors east of the Presbyterian Church, where he is now ready to wait on all who wish good Pictures of themselves or friends.  Also, copying old Daguerreotypes and Paintings.  An inspection of specimens is solicited, where every polite attention will be paid to visitors, whether or not wishing a setting.—Prices to suit the times, from 75 cents to $1 and upwards, in an excellent case and on the finest French plates.

N. B. likeness guaranteed perfect and satisfactory in clear or cloudy weather, of grown persons, children, and family groups in an ordinary bright light, not delaying it too late in the evening; morning is preferable.                              

The advertisement ran from September 16, 1858 to November 24, 1859.  Photographs In Every Style of the Art.  L. T. Tew takes this method to inform the inhabitants of this Town and vicinity, that having procured a new Instrument expressly for the purpose, is now prepared to take all the latest styles of Type, combining all the newest improvements of Ambrotypes, Melaionotypes, Photographs, Nielotypes, at his old Room near the Court House, in a style unsurpassed.  From his long experience as an Artist acknowledges no superior.

Those wishing good Likenesses of themselves or friends, are invited to call and examine specimens.  No charge made unless perfect satisfaction given.  L. T. Tew.     

L. T. Tew is not recorded in other photographic directories.