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Hoard & Loucks

1857-1858       Hawley Block, adjoining and over the Post Office, Jamestown, New York

Hoard & Loucks (L. C. Hoard) was recorded in an announcement and two advertisements in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York).  The announcement appeared on October 23, 1857.  Internal Improvement.—That portion of the Hawley (now Hall) Block fronting upon Third street, and West of Andrews & Stephen’s Store, is undergoing repair.  The first floor has been lowered a couple of feet or so, and is now easily accessible from the street.  The room over the Post Office formerly occupied as a music store has been fitted up with a magnificent sky-light, and otherwise adapted to the use of Messrs. Hoard & Loucks, Daguerreotypists, who are to soon take possession. They will also occupy the rooms west of the Post –Office formerly occupied for a harness shop, and which are being remodeled for their benefit.  Altogether, the changes are decided improvements.

The first advertisement ran from January 1 to June 4, 1858.  To The Public.  The new Photograph Gallery adjoining and over the Post Office, in the Hawley Block, is now in readiness for the reception and accommodation of visitors.  We are now prepared to make any style of Picture, from the Daguerreotype to the finest Photograph on paper, put up in good order in any kind of Case or Frame you may wish.  We shall keep on hand the best selection of stock to sell at wholesale or retail; at the same time you may expect our prices to correspond with the times.  We solicit a call from you whether you wish pictures or not.  Come and examine our specimens; also our facilities for doing good work.  Hoard & Loucks.  Jamestown, Dec. 22, 1857.

The second advertisement ran from May 28 to July 2, 1858.  One Thousand young men and women wanted with a capital of from 1 to 5 Dollars to sit for any of the styles of Pictures now in use.  For further particulars call on Hoard & Loucks, at the Post Office Picture Gallery.

Hoard & Loucks do not appear in other photographic directories.

Hoard & Upham

1858                Hawley Block, adjoining and over the Post Office, Jamestown, New York.

Hoard & Upham (L. C. Hoard) were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York).  The advertisement ran on September 3 & 10, 1858.  From The Seat Of War!  Camp Life of B Company 68th Reg’t. N. Y. S. M.  I had the pleasure of seeing this grand parade of Military men, and enjoying the full benefits of ca. [ life (except the pay) in common, with Officers and Soldiers of B Company from our village.  My duty on the field was only that of a spectator, except at meal times, when I was pressed into service by order of Captain C. L. Jeffords, and marched to the victualing tent of J. D. Stearns, where we found lots of good things to eat, and James ready to wait upon us.  In this part of the exercise I believe I made a capital Soldier; I saw no one that could present the knife or folk and charge upon beef steak or boiled ham with better skill than myself.  After the performance was all over and tents taken down, six of us took passage in an extra train for Jamestown, making it in the unprecedented quick time of ten hours.  Upon the whole, it was [  ?  ] nice affair, and I think that B Company showed off well.  All it lacks of making just such a company as it should be, is the proper attention and assistance of our citizens.  For further particulars call on Hoard & Upham at their rooms, where you can get a full view of the ground, and a nice Photograph of yourself for $3.50, and other styles of pictures for less.                   Jamestown, Sept 1, 1858.

The announcement appeared on September 24, 1858.  County Fair, 11 A. M., Sept. 22d, 1858…Hoard & Upham have a fine assemblage of pictures and photographs…

Hoard & Upham are not recorded in other photographic directories.  See Hoard & Loucks in tomorrows post.

Gray & Hoard

1854-1856       Main and Second Streets, Allen’s Exchange Building, Jamestown, New York.

Gray (John C.) & Hoard (L. C.) were recorded in five advertisements in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York).  The first advertisement ran from August 11, 1854 to June 13, 1856.  Gray & Hoard, Daguerrean Artists.  Corner of Main and Second streets.  Sky-light Operating Rooms.  Jamestown, N. Y.

The second advertisement ran from January 11 to February 8, 1856.  Kast your eye this Way.  As many persons enquire for “Dollar Daguerreotypes” we would say to all such, that you can be accommodated at that price until the first of March.  Pains will be taken to give satisfaction as usual, and the Daguerreotypes will be put up in neat and durable cases.  Likenesses of Children will not be taken for a lesser sum than one Dollar and Fifty Cents.  A new stock of rich and beautiful cases just received.  Get your likenesses in the best kind we have got and you can have it cheap for ready pay.     Gray & Hoard.

N. B. Miss. coax that fine looking gentleman to give you his Daguerreotype. Sir, coax that pretty lady to sit for her likeness, you’ll have to pay for it, you know, so what’s the odds?

The third advertisement ran from January 25 to February 8, 1856.  Division of County!  This question has been agitated more or less for several years, and until the present time we have smothered our indignation and kept silent.  Good friends don’t you think it would be a good plan for the people of this County to form themselves into parties of from one to as many as they please, and Call On Gray & Hoard for their Daguerreotypes; for a single person it would cost one Dollar, and so on up into the pictures; for a married person, the case, of course would be different, for then the cost would be only just the same.  Groups cost a trifle more, and if you want some of our Richest Cases or Lockets, why then, you can have them at your own price, providing always that your price is a leetle more than ours.  Come along good folks we’re always accessible.  Gray & Hoard, Allen’s Exchange, up stairs.

The fourth advertisement ran from January 25 to March 21, 1856.  $000,001.00 For a Daguerreotype Likeness that will not Fade half so soon as the man that made it, even if it was taken by Gray & Hoard, at Allen’s Exchange, up stairs.

The fifth advertisement ran from March 28 to May 30, 1856.  Look at This!  Examine it well, and you will perceive that “Mother Earth” is represented in mans’ apparel, supposed it is all right, men wear shawls, and women unmentionables, and Gray & Hoard, has just purchased part of $347, 000 worth of Daguerreotype Stock which they hope to dispose of to such advantage as to enable them to continue making Good Pictures at Low Prices.—We shall prepare in a few days to make Ambrotypes and Photographs in a style not to be surpassed.   Gray & Hoard.  Jamestown, March 4, 1856.

John C. Gray is recorded in Jamestown, but not in the partnership with Hoard.  L. C. Hoard is not recorded in other photographic directories.