Hoard & Loucks

1857-1858       Hawley Block, adjoining and over the Post Office, Jamestown, New York

Hoard & Loucks (L. C. Hoard) was recorded in an announcement and two advertisements in the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, New York).  The announcement appeared on October 23, 1857.  Internal Improvement.—That portion of the Hawley (now Hall) Block fronting upon Third street, and West of Andrews & Stephen’s Store, is undergoing repair.  The first floor has been lowered a couple of feet or so, and is now easily accessible from the street.  The room over the Post Office formerly occupied as a music store has been fitted up with a magnificent sky-light, and otherwise adapted to the use of Messrs. Hoard & Loucks, Daguerreotypists, who are to soon take possession. They will also occupy the rooms west of the Post –Office formerly occupied for a harness shop, and which are being remodeled for their benefit.  Altogether, the changes are decided improvements.

The first advertisement ran from January 1 to June 4, 1858.  To The Public.  The new Photograph Gallery adjoining and over the Post Office, in the Hawley Block, is now in readiness for the reception and accommodation of visitors.  We are now prepared to make any style of Picture, from the Daguerreotype to the finest Photograph on paper, put up in good order in any kind of Case or Frame you may wish.  We shall keep on hand the best selection of stock to sell at wholesale or retail; at the same time you may expect our prices to correspond with the times.  We solicit a call from you whether you wish pictures or not.  Come and examine our specimens; also our facilities for doing good work.  Hoard & Loucks.  Jamestown, Dec. 22, 1857.

The second advertisement ran from May 28 to July 2, 1858.  One Thousand young men and women wanted with a capital of from 1 to 5 Dollars to sit for any of the styles of Pictures now in use.  For further particulars call on Hoard & Loucks, at the Post Office Picture Gallery.

Hoard & Loucks do not appear in other photographic directories.

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