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M. B. Ogden

1858                Main & Sheboygan Streets, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.[1]                       

M. B. Ogden was recorded in one advertisement (mostly unreadable) that appeared on June 5, 1858 in the Democratic Press (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin).  A New Ambrotype, Melainotype and Photographic Picture Gallery.  M. B. Ogden would inform the citizens of Fond du Lac and vicinity that he has secured C. T. Ripley’s old Daguerrean Rooms and [repaired and refitted them entirely new and spared no pains in securing every[ ? ] [ ? ] and possible advantage peculiar [ ? ] to the picture business.  With the very best of rooms, a new apparatus entire, and having…..]

M. B. Ogden is not recorded in other photographic directories.

[1] Address from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry for T. C. Ripley.

G. B. Green

1854                  Rooms one door east of Cazenovia House, Cazenovia, New York.                            1854-1855       Rooms corner of Albany and Sullivan Streets, Cazenovia, New York.                      1857                  Address Unknown, Syracuse, New York.[1]                                                                  1857-1859       Main Street, near the Exchange Hotel, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. [1]

G. B. Green was recorded in two advertisements in the Cazenovia Republican (Cazenovia, New York). The first advertisement ran from August 23 to November 22, 1854. G. B. Green’s Daguerrean Gallery, one door east of the Cazenovia Hotel, Cazenovia, N. Y.

The second advertisement ran from November 29, 1854 to May 16, 1855.  G. B. Green’s American Daguerrean Gallery, corner of Albany and Sullivan Streets, Cazenovia, N. Y.

G. B. Green is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Syracuse, ca. 1857 and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin from 1857 to 1859. It is possible that they are the same person since the distance between Cazenovia and Syracuse is only 29 miles.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry