Joseph Hill

1857                Address & Location Unknown, Minnesota.

1858                Drew’s Building, Third Street, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Joseph Hill[1]was recorded in two advertisements.  The first advertisement was recorded on October 31, 1857 in the Falls Evening News (Minneapolis, Minnesota).  Great Excitement At The New Photograph And Ambrotype Gallery!!  Pictures for the Million!  50 taken in one day, and more waiting!  J. Hill & Co., successor to J. H. Kelley invite the Public to examine their specimens of Photographs, colored and plain. Ambrotypes by an entire new process.  Melainotypes, Daguerreotypes and Pictures on patent leather. Having a complete stock of cases, Frames, Lockets, &c., we are now prepared to put up pictures in every form—we also have on hand a few oil paintings for sale cheap.

N.B. Particular attention is invited to the clear and life-like expression of the eye, the rich and beautiful softness of tone, the rare and exquisite finish of both plate and picture, and especially to their permanence.  We wish it distinctly understood that we use none but the very best materials.  Those who have favored us with a call, have expressed the most perfect satisfaction, and that they are in point of delineation, boldness and unerring truthfulness, equaled by few.  J. Hill & Co.  Oct. 21.

The second advertisement was recorded on March 13, 1858 in the Saint Paul Financial, Real Estate and Railroad Advertiser (St. Paul, Minnesota).  New Photograph And Ambrotype Gallery.  Hill, Kelly & Company, Having opened a suit of Rooms in Drew’s Building, on Third Street, (next door to Cathcart’s) are now ready to wait on all who may favor them with a call, and prepared to take all the different styles of pictures now in use, consisting of

Photographs, colored and plain, Ambrotypes, Melainotypes, Daguerreotypes, and Pictures on Patent Leather—all of which are warranted.  Perfect satisfaction will be given, or no charge.

A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited.  St. Paul, Jan. 25th, 1858.

J. Hill is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1858-1859 on Third Street between Robert and Minnesota Streets. 

[1] Minnesota History 52/2 Summer 1990, P. 44.

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