Tileston Brothers

1857-1859       First Street opposite the Post Office, Evansville, Indiana.

Tileston Brothers (William W. & Charles M.) were recorded in fifteen announcements in The Evansville Daily Journal (Evansville, Indiana).  The first announcement appeared on June 6, 1857.  The Tileston’s of the Sunbeam Gallery seem determined to keep pace with all the late improvements in their line, and are daily turning out some of the finest pictures we have ever seen taken in this city.  One of them is now away up the river purchasing stock, and getting the late improvement.

The second appeared on June 27, 1857.  The pictures taken by Tileston & Bro., at the Sun Beam Gallery, on First street, seem to be all the go, and give very general satisfaction.  Persons from the neighboring towns and country should give them a call, to see their gallery and specimens.  Their prices are low, ranging from $1 up.  Remember the place, on First street, opposite the Post Office.  They allow none but first rate pictures to leave their rooms.

The third appeared on July 8, 1857.  Stop in as you pass the Sun Beam Gallery, as Tileston & Bro take pleasure in waiting on their visitors.  They may be found on first street opposite the Post Office, where they are constantly turning out their much admired pictures, taken from one dollar up.

The fourth appeared on September 7, 1857.  We know of no place so pleasant to visit as Tileston & Bro’s Ambrotype Gallery, First Street, opposite the Post Office.  The specimens are good and plenty of them.  They make and put up pictures in the finest style, and warrant them to give satisfaction.

The fifth appeared on October 6, 1857.  Report of Awards Made at the Third Annual Fair of the Vanderburgh county Agricultural and Horticultural Society…Division F.  Class No. 1—Fine Arts, &c.

Tileston & Bro’s, Best Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes, Diploma.

The sixth appeared on October 17, 1857.  The Camera used by Tileston & Bro. at their Gallery on First street, opposite the Post Office, is the largest ever used in this city, with which they are now making beautiful whole size pictures in cases or frames.  These pictures are the largest ever gotten up in this place, and when framed make handsome parlor ornaments.  Give them a call and examine their specimens.

The seventh appeared on March 30, 1858.  The finest pictures now taken in the city are taken at Tileston & Bro’s gallery, on First street, opposite the Post Office, where the largest collection of specimens ever exhibited in this city can be seen at all hours during the day.—Readers, your face should be among the collection.

The eighth appeared on October 11, 1858.  Vanderburgh County Fair.—Persons visiting our city during the fair will find it to their interest to call at Tileston & Bro.’s gallery on First street, between Main and Locust, where one of the proprietors can at all times be found ready to wait upon their visitors, either by taking their picture in any style of the art from a miniature to a large sized colored Photograph, or showing their specimens.

The ninth appeared on October 18, 1858.  Photographs.—No object attracted more attention and admiration at the Fair than the beautiful colored photographs by the different artist in the city.  One of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, by Tileston Brothers, attracted the eye of every one, and was the object of universal remark.  Every admirer of the distinguished Senator should obtain one to become familiar with the features of so eminent a statesman.

The tenth appeared on October 19, 1858.  List of Premiums Awarded by the Vanderburgh Agricultural and Horticultural Society…Division F—Class 1.

Randall & Elliott, best collection of Ambrotypes…………………………$1 and dip.

Tileston and Brother, best plain and colored collection of Photographs…..$1 and dip.

The eleventh appeared on December 18, 1858. Chromotypes.—The Messrs. Tileston, assisted by Mr. Webster of Louisville, are producing a beautiful new style of pictures, called Chromotypes, which are equal in beauty and effect to any thing we have seen.  They rival the colored photographs in distinctness and beauty of delineation, and are at the same time much less expensive.  We advise the lovers of art to call at the Tileston gallery and inspect them.

The twelfth announcement appeared on December 21, 1858.  Messrs. Tileston & Bro.—We have been presented with a photographic likeness of Judge Douglas, by the Brothers Tileston.—it is excellent as a work of art, and the likeness represents the Judge as he appeared a few years ago, before his former serene expression had been made rigid and severe, by rough encounters with Lecomptonism.

The thirteen announcement appeared on April 7, 1859.  We would call attention to those beautifully colored pictures called Chronotypes made at Tileston Brothers’ Gallery, opposite the Post Office.  Also their beautiful plain and colored photographs, of all sizes, from one-fourth up to life-size, ambrotypes, Melainotypes, and all the different styles of pictures to be had at their gallery.

The fourteenth announcement appeared on April 27, 1859.  Tileston’s Gallery.—Yesterday we saw at Tileston’s Gallery, photographic portraits—full life size—of Dr. George B. Walker and his lady, which present most perfect living likenesses of the originals; as specimens of the perfection to which the art of photographing has been advanced, they are worth inspection.  The friends of the Doctor and Mrs. W. will, of course, go to see them.  We learn that the negatives were taken here, and the painting was done by an artist in Louisville.  Messrs. Tileston have now the means of furnishing the most perfect effigies and counterfeit presentments of all who wish to see themselves as others see them, or desire that a copy of their lineaments shall be preserved, after they shall fade and pass away.

The fifteenth announcement appeared on June 22, 1859.  The Library Association acknowledge the receipt from Tileston Bros., of a very fine photograph likeness of the Rev. Dr. Baird, (large size).  Donations of this sort are appreciated.  They add to the attractions of the rooms, and besides from a contribution to the stock of the Association, by no means insignificant.  A gallery of portraits of eminent literary men would be a very appropriate adornment for the Library Room.  And it is hoped that the artist friends of the institution will manage to keep the Association under accumulating obligations for their favors.  The portrait of Dr. Baird, besides being a perfect likeness, is, in its mechanical execution, an excellent production.  Messrs. Tilestons need no other recommendation than their own work.

Tileston Brothers are recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Register as being active in Evansville, Indiana 1858-1861. In the eleventh announcement the brothers are assisted by Webster from Louisville, Kentucky this is Edward Z. see post on May 29th William W. Tileston.

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