R. D. Newton

1857-1858       Rooms over C. S. Wood’s Drug Store, Greene, New York.

R. D. Newton was recorded in three advertisements and three announcements in The Chenango American (Greene, New York). The first advertisement ran from March 26 to December 3, 1857. Ambrotype, Pearlotype, Melanotype, Spherotype and Daguerreotype Gallery, at Greene, N. Y.

The subscriber would respectfully inform the citizens of Greene, and vicinity, that he has permanently located himself at the rooms over C. S. Wood’s Drug Store, which he is re-fitting in good style, where he will be happy to receive calls.

He has a complete apparatus, capable of procuring the most finished and life-like pictures.  Having devoted several years to a careful study of the Art, added to an extensive experience, he is confident that he has attained a superiority as an Artist.  He has taken especial pains to procure the Latest Improvements, And is fully prepared to suit customers with any variety of likeness, from the old-fashioned Daguerreotype to the beautiful Spherotype Call and examine for yourselves.  You will be astonished, both at the beauty of his productions, and the moderation of his charges.  He would invite particular attention to his facilities for taking Ambrotypes and Spherotypes.

Trust nothing but your own eyes, and that you may have a fair opportunity to observe for yourselves, call at my room over C. S. Wood’s Drug Store, any time between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. (Sundays excepted) and I will be happy to exhibit specimens.

N. B.—Particular attention paid to taking Childrens Likenesses, Groups &c.  Cloudy weather makes no difference; call at any time.  Instructions given in the art, and apparatus furnished.  I will also teach the beautiful Art of Grecian Oil Painting.  R. D. Newton, Greene.

The first announcement appeared on May 14, 1857.  Ambrotypes—R. D. Newton, at the Rooms over Wood’s Drug Store, is taking some beautiful Ambrotypes.  Call and see them, and examine for yourselves.

The second advertisement ran from December 10, 1857 to May 27, 1858.  New Arrangement!  Great Reduction Of Prices At Newton’s Picture Gallery!  At Greene, N. Y.  R. D. Newton, in returning his thanks for the very liberal patronage conferred upon him by the people of Greene and the surrounding country, would respectfully announce to the public that he offers greater inducements then heretofore to those desiring first class pictures.  Persons who do not like dull, lead colored pictures will do well to give him a call before going elsewhere, as pictures taken at my rooms cannot be excelled in the State, either in Brilliancy Of Tone Or in the clearness of the white parts.  Rest assured that every thing connected with this branch of business has received the careful attention of the Operator, and that his efforts to keep up with the latest improvements have been crowned with unrivalled success, among which may be found the Crayon Ambrotype, Vignette Ambrotype, Melanotype, Spherotype, Ornamented Borders Mirror Ambrotype, Ornamented Background, Double Figure, Etc.

To speak of the pleasing effects produced by those pictures at this time, I will omit, but invite you to call and examine specimens for yourselves.  The Ambrotype picture taken on Patent Leather is universally admired, and can be obtained at my rooms.  It can be placed in a letter and sent any distance free of extra charge.  Pictures set in Lockets, Breastpins and Finger rings for 50 cts.  Pictures copied. R. D. Newton. Greene, Nov. 10, 1857.

The second announcement appeared on April 8, 1858.  Ornamental.—Ocean Fire Company at their meeting on Tuesday evening last, added to the appearance of their assembly room, by placing on its walls the Ambrotype likeness of its members, fifty-four in number, contained in one large frame.  They were executed by R. D. Newton, of this village, and are fine specimens of artistic skill.

The third announcement appeared on April 15, 1858.  Attention.—Those who wish to procure Ambrotypes must call on Newton soon, as he intends to close his business in this village shortly.

The third advertisement ran from August 12 to October 21, 1858.  Ambrotype Gallery!  R. D. Newton, Announces to the public that he has re-opened his Ambrotype Gallery in this village, (over Drs. Wood’s Drug Store,) and is prepared, as usual, to furnish the best of Pictures.

The reputation of his Pictures is sufficiently established in this section, to need no “puffing” on his part.  They speak for themselves.

Particular attention paid To Copying Pictures.  Pictures taken in Lockets, Pins, Rings, &c., &c.  A style of Picture taken on Leather, just the thing to send by Mail to your friends abroad.  Prices ranging from 50 cents upwards.

R. D. Newton is not recorded as being active in Greene, New York. Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a Russell D. Newton as being active in 1859 in Waverly, New York. The distance between Greene and Waverly, New York is about 160 miles and its possible they are the same person, but further research is needed.

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