L. B. Melvin/Melven

1859                Rooms on Main Street, over D. Rockwell & Co.’s Store, Westfield, New York.

L. B. Melvin/Melven was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Westfield Republican (Westfield, New York). The announcement appeared on December 7, 1859. Likenesses.—There are but few who do not appreciate a well executed likeness, and it matters little whether the original is prepossessing or not. There is something undefinable about it.  We cherish the likenesses of those friends with whom we daily associate, and a truthful likeness seems to increase our attachment, and cement more strongly the bonds of friendship.  We do not know how it is, but there is always some pleasing feature that is sure to find its way into the likeness which we seem not to have discovered before; and especially of those cherished friends who have been taken from us.  It is then, perhaps, that we begin to fully appreciate their worth, and to understand truly how dear they were to us; and then it is that we prize, to, whatever serves to call up in memory, their worthy traits, & the pleasing associations of the past.  But we are forgetting ourselves; we only designed expressing the pleasure we derived from a few moments spent in looking over the specimens of art, in the well arranged Ambrotype Rooms of L. B. Melvin.  His pictures are taken and finished up with skill; but his card will be found in another part of the paper. to which all are referred.  Call on him; examine his specimens, and we guarantee you will take away with you your own likeness.

The advertisement ran from December 7 to 28, 1859.  Old Things Become New.  Marble Hall Picture Gallery in Full Blast!

Great reductions in prices.  The best Likenesses of all kinds, either Photographs, Ambrotypes, Melenotypes, Daguerreotypes And all other types, on Leather or Paper taken in any weather, and cheaper and better than was ever offered here before.  Now is the time for all that wish to have a good, correct likeness, as I defy all competition, either in Quality or prices.  Particular attention paid to taking Children’s picture.  A fine lot of specimens on hand.  Call and see.  Rooms on Main Street, over D. Rockwell & Co.’s Store.  L. B. Melven.

L. B. Melvin/Melven is not recorded in other photographic directories.

1 thought on “L. B. Melvin/Melven

  1. Jeanie,
    I personally can’t identify your ancestors. Do you know what type of photographs are they? I can help date the type of photograph you have by giving you a range of dates the process was used. I would suggest you contact your local library to help find a genealogist who could research your “family tree” for you.


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