J. B. Hill

1852-1853       Thompson’s Brick Building, North East Corner of the Square, Fayetteville,                                     Tennessee.                                                                                                                                1853                   Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second                                     story, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                                          1854                   Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second                                     story, over Buchanan & Russell’s Store, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                    1855-1856        Odd Fellows’ Hall, Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                1856-1857        Rooms South Side of Square, next door to Dr. McNelley’s Office, Up-Stairs,                                    Fayetteville, Tennessee.                                                                                                     1857                   Gallery Two Doors East of M’Elroy & M’Kinney’s Drug Store, Up-Stairs,                                              Fayetteville, Tennessee.

J. B. Hill was recorded in one announcement and six advertisements in the Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, Tennessee). The first advertisement ran from November 18, 1852 to September 15, 1853 Daguerrean. The subscriber respectfully informs the public that he has taken a room in Thompson’s Brick Building, North East Corner of the Square, Fayetteville, where he will wait on Ladies and Gentlemen who may wish Likenesses taken by this Beautiful and Inimitable method.  To parents, children, husbands, wives and friends, it affords an opportunity of procuring at small expense, and almost without loss of time, a most Perfect Lifelike Portrait which can be obtained in no other way.—When we call to mind uncertainty of life, the ordinary though sometimes painful separation of families and friends, together with the ravages of time, it becomes a matter of much interest and importance to secure the features of “the loved ones at home,” before death, distance, or the lapse of time renders it impossible.

Having taken lessons of Mr. F. N. Hughes—the best Daguerrean Artist in the Western States—and furnished himself with a superior camera and implements, the subscriber flatters himself he will be able to give the most entire satisfaction.  The Ladies, who are always judges in matters of taste, are especially invited to call and examine his work and specimens.  A great variety of Cases, of different sizes and quality, will be kept constantly on hand.  Prices very moderate.  J. B. Hill.

The second advertisement ran from September 22 to October 13, 1853.  Miniatures.  From the solicitations of some who are wishing to have Miniatures taken, I have concluded to remain in Fayetteville for a few days.  My stay will be short—and all those wishing likenesses of themselves or friends, will do well to call immediately.  When we reflect on the havoc that disease is making among our friends, it becomes an object with us to secure at least the form of the loved one ere death has taken them from our gaze forever.

It would be unnecessary for me to say anything with regard to the style of my work, of this all are acquainted; suffice it to say, that no picture will be allowed to leave my room unless it be a perfect likeness.  Rooms in the west end new brick, on the south side of the Square, second story.  J. B. Hill.

The announcement ran on August 17, 1854.  Daguerreotypes The subscriber has returned to Fayetteville, and has taken the rooms he has heretofore occupied, over Buchanan & Russell’s Store, and is prepared to put up Daguerreotypes of all sizes, styles, and prices.  As he is determined to remain but a short time those who wish Pictures will do well to call soon.  Rooms open from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.   J. B. Hill.

The third advertisement ran from September 13, 1855 to May 15, 1856.  Daguerreotypes!!  J. B. Hill, Grateful for the patronage he has heretofore received from this community, again offers his services as an Artist to the ladies and Gentlemen of Fayetteville and vicinity.  Rooms at Odd Fellows’ Hall.

The Fourth advertisement ran from May 22, 1856 to February 12, 1857.  J. B. Hill, Daguerrean and Ambrotype Artist, Rooms south side of the Square, next door to Dr. McNelley’s office, up stairs, Fayetteville, Tenn.

The fifth advertisement ran from February 19 to September 17, 1857.  Ambrotypes.  I take this method of informing my old friends and the public generally, that I am now fitting up and will in a few days open in Fayetteville a large Sky-Light Gallery, which will enable me to furnish better Pictures than have ever before been taken in the place.  Those wanting Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, or Photographs, are respectfully invited to visit my Gallery and examine specimens and prices before buying elsewhere, as I am determined to work on terms as favorable as any Artist in Tennessee.  Children taken in one second.  Great care and attention given to copying Daguerreotypes or other pictures.  All work warranted to give satisfaction.

The Ladies are politely invited to call.  Gallery two doors east of M’Elroy & M’Kinney’s Drug Store—up stairs.  J. B. Hill.

The sixth advertisement ran from September 17 to October 22, 1857.  Sky-Light Gallery.  The subscriber begs leave to say to his many friends and the public generally, that he has so far recovered his health as to enable him to re-open his Gallery, North side of the Square, for the reception of those wishing pictures.

Daguerreotypes, Melainotypes, or Ambrotypes, plain or raised, and every style of Picture taken in the highest style of the art, and warranted to give satisfaction.  Prices very moderate.  A call is solicited.  J. B. Hill.

J. B. Hill is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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