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Uline & Miller

1841                130 Genesee Street, Utica, New York. 

Uline & Miller were recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Oneida Whig  (Utica, New York).  The announcement ran on November 30, 1841.  Daguerreotypes.—Messrs. Uline & Miller have set up their apparatus in “Kirkland’s Building” for the purpose of taking likenesses by the Daguerreotype process.  We have seen some specimens of their art which are very fine, and in the shading of the drapery, superior to any that we have previously examined.  See advertisement.

The advertisement ran from November 30 to December 28, 1841.  Photographic Miniatures, Drawn by the Daguerreotype Process.  Messrs. Uline & Miller would respectfully inform the citizens of Utica, that their apparatus is now in readiness for taking Likenesses, at No. 130 Genesee street, (3d story) near the canal bridge, where they will take pleasure in waiting upon such as desire a cast of their art, and pledge themselves that that the Portraits taken by them shall be superior to any yet exhibited to the public.

Instruction given and apparatus furnished as above.  Uline & Miller are not recorded in other photographic directories. 

Mr. Cooper

1841                Rooms in the Kirkland Block, Utica, New York.

Mr. Cooper was recorded in the partnership of Young & Cooper first in an announcement that ran on February 2, 1841 in the Oneida Whig (Utica, New York).  Daguerreotype Likenesses.—The attention of our readers is solicited to the advertisement of Messrs. Young & Cooper.  Any person who is desirous of possessing a perfect miniature representation of himself, will do well to call and receive a touch of their art.

The advertisement ran from February 2 to March 9, 1841 in the Oneida Whig (Utica, New York).   Daguerreotype Miniatures.  Messrs. Young & Cooper respectfully inform the citizens of Utica and its vicinity that they contemplate remaining for only a few weeks longer in this city: so that if there are any persons who are desirous of having their miniatures or portrait beautifully and accurately taken by this wonderful instrument they must attend to it in time; for they may depend upon it they have an opportunity offered them now which they will not again have for years.  They have been able to so arrange their instrument that they are now able to take the most beautiful miniatures that have been taken by this instrument in this country, in the short space of from fifteen seconds to two and a half minutes, without any sun and in all kinds of weather.  The community generally are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens of the art; and the proprietors flatter themselves that on such examination the citizens of this city will very generally consent to see themselves as others see them, through the aid of this instrument.

Messrs. Young & Cooper will be found any time during the day at their rooms in the Kirkland Block.  February 1, 1841.

After checking many photographic directories there is no listing for Cooper that fits the activity date of the partnership.  There are several possibilities for the identity of Young that were recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.  First there was a Young in Baltimore, Maryland in the partnership of Parker & Young in 1841.  Second there was a (C. P.) young in the partnership of Young & Western in New York City in 1842. Third there was a Benjamin F. Young also in New York City in 1853-1844.

William Bristol

1850                108 Genesee Street, Utica, New York.

William Bristol was recorded in  The Freeman’s Journal (Cooperstown, New York) in an advertisement that ran from May 4 to 18, 1850.  Wm. Bristol & Co., No. 106 Genesee Street, Utica, Wholesale Dealers and Jobbers of Daguerreotype Stock and Chemicals, American and Foreign Cameras and Apparatus.  Beg leave to inform Daguerreotype operators, that they have lately added to their former stock of Cases, Plates, Chemicals, &c., a complete stock of Cameras of all sizes, and Daguerreotype Apparatus, which they offer to operators who may call upon them or order from them, together with all articles in their line, as cheap as they will be furnished by any jobbing house in the United States.  Buying of the manufacturers and importers only, they are willing to compare their prices with those of any house in any part of the country; as also the quality of their goods. And their method of doing business.—Medium Star Plates $20 per gross, other sizes in proportion.  Manufactures of Webb’s chloride of gold.         Wm. Bristol & Co.  Utica, May 1, 1850.

Craig’s Daguerreian Registry list him active in 1851 without a business address.