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R. Ralyea

1858                No. 2 Exchange Block, Union New York.

R. Ralyea was recorded in one advertisement that ran from March 4 to August 12, 1858.

in The Union News (Union, New York).  Ambrotype and Melainotype Gallery.  R. Ralyea takes this method of announcing to the people of Union and vicinity that as his health will not permit him to travel, he has located at Exchange Block, No. 2, (front room over Ralyea & Son’s store,) where he is prepared to take Ambrotypes & Melainotypes in superior styles for those who will favor him with a call.  Pictures taken on Glass, Iron and patent Leather.  Also, fitted to lockets in a neat and workmanlike manner.  Daguerreotypes copied if desired.  Invalids taken at their residence where requested, and charges reasonable.

Pictures in good substantial cases from 50 cents to $5.

Instructions given in the art to those who wish.  Please call and examine specimens whether you wish pictures or not.

All kinds of grain taken in exchange for pictures.

R. Ralyea is not listed in other photographic directories.


R. Bostwick

R. Bostwick appeared in two advertisements in The Union News (Union, New York.)  The first ad ran from June 11 to August 20, 1857.  Ambrotypes, Sphereotypes, Melainotypes and Stereoscopic Method of taking Pictures, all of which are of the latest improvements, and well known to some of the fraternity as being the most beautiful and durable of any process yet discovered.  Specimens of some of our own townsmen can be seen at my car in Union.  Cases sold 25 per cent less than usual.  Please give me a call before I leave again for the West.      R. Bostwick.  Union, Jan. 14, 1857.

The second advertisement appeared on August 27, 1857 and ran until April 22, 1858.

Ambrotypes.  A gallery In Union!  Now located in the Exchange Block, No. 1, where the Photographic Art will be pursued, with all the latest improvements in the art.  Pictures taken on different materials, such as Glass, Iron, Patent Leather, Paper and Parchment.

Also, instructions given in the art to those who wish.  Three different processes are used in transferring pictures from glass to a lighter and more convenient material, and for sending in letters or cutting for lockets.  Also, the Tinting process, which is beautiful and just the thing, long sought after for coloring the drapery.  Good substantial cases will be offered from fifty cents to six dollars.  Invalids taken at their residences if desired.  R. Bostwick.   Union, Aug. 25, 1857.

In the first advertisement there are several items worth bringing to your attention, no business address is given, and one can only assume that the gallery is in Union, New York.  Second is the date of the advertisement January 14, 1857.  Unfortunately June 11 was the first newspaper that I had access to for 1857.  The other interesting note is his statement about leaving again for the West.

The only other photographic directory that has a listing for R. Bostwick is Craig’s Daguerreian Registry that list a Ransom Bostwick in 1859-1860 in Union, New York without a business address.  It is probably the same person.